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A clean, base install of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy,built by Eric Hammondas part of the Alestic.com series[update 2009-10-11]


Submitted By: Eric Hammond
US East AMI ID: ami-c4f615ad
AMI Manifest: alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20091011.manifest.xml
Operating System: Linux/Unix
Created On: April 24, 2008 7:45 AM GMT
Last Updated: October 12, 2009 1:50 PM GMT

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This AMI is a clean, base install of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, built by Eric Hammond. This 32-bit AMI is for running on the 32-bit instance sizes including: m1.small, c1.medium


Features include:

  • Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy with upgraded packages (as of 2009-10-11)
  • Amazon EC2 AMI tools (1.3-34544 20071010) installed and patched for Ubuntu
  • Uses Amazon's newer 2.6.21 kernel (

  • Includes 2.6.21 kernel modules

  • Defaults to Ubuntu archive mirrors inside of EC2, hosted by RightScale.
  • Alestic PPA added to software sources so packages can be installed easily including ec2-consistent-snapshot.
  • runurl utility from Alestic PPA pre-installed for use in user-data scripts.
  • openssh-server installed
  • On first boot, runs instance user-data script if it starts with #!
  • Generate new ssh host keys on first boot and output fingerprints
  • ca-certificates installed to support SSL in ec2-bundle-upload
  • libc6-xen installed for performance
  • /etc/apt/sources.list for hardy main restricted universe multiverse
  • /etc/event.d/tty[2-6] removed to avoid error messages in logs
  • Shadow passwords enabled
  • root password locked
  • ssh PasswordAuthentication disabled
  • 10GB root (/) partition
  • Network: DHCP on eth0, loopback on lo, simple /etc/hosts with localhost
  • root ssh public key creditials retrieved from instance parameters or ephemeral store on startup (standard Amazon EC2 ssh access for public AMIs)
  • Added "UseDNS no" to /etc/ssh/sshd_config as recommended by http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/2007-03-01/DeveloperGuide/public-ami-guidelines.html
  • Comment appended to /etc/motd
  • Locale en_US, Timezone UTC


If you use or are thinking of using this AMI, please subscribe to the ec2ubuntu Google Group where you will find out about updates to the Ubuntu AMIs and tips for running Ubuntu on Amazon EC2.

To subscribe, send an email mesage to ec2ubuntu-subscribe@googlegroups.com

Support is also available through the above forum with a growing number of folks in the community using Ubuntu on EC2 (and a good core of folks willing to answer questions).

Build Process

Advanced users may consult the following page for information on how this AMI was built and to get instructions for building their own.



  • Use new 2.6.21 kernel, ramdisk, and kernel modules from Amazon (security fix)
  • Add Alestic PPA to apt sources on Ubuntu
  • Install runurl from Alestic PPA
  • Pin the ec2-ami-tools package version so it does not get downgraded
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-e546a78c - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20090804.manifest.xml

  • Upgrade EC2 AMI tools to 1.3-34544
  • Improve security by running host key regeneration after RNG initialization.
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-0772946e - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20090614.manifest.xml

  • Improve apt sources to failover through Ubuntu archive mirrors in multiple availability zones if one or two of them are unavailable.
  • Upgrade EC2 AMI tools to 1.3-31780
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-ef48af86 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20090418.manifest.xml

  • Disable ssh PasswordAuthentication by default to improve security
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-71fd1a18 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20090216.manifest.xml

  • apt sources.list now uses a local EC2 mirror of Ubuntu provided by RightScale.
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-1c5db975 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20081222.manifest.xml

  • Upgrade EC2 AMI tools to 1.3-34544 20071010 with support for European region eu-west-1
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-51709438 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20081130.manifest.xml

  • New --arch option from patch by Don Spaulding II
  • Upgrade EC2 AMI tools to 1.3-26357 20071010
  • The old 2.6.16 kernel modules are no longer bundled with the image.
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-1cd73375 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080924.manifest.xml

  • bugfix: Mounts /mnt as ephemeral storage with /etc/fstab
  • All packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-38d43051 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080922.manifest.xml

  • DEFECT: This AMI is missing /etc/fstab and does not mount /mnt as ephemeral storage!
  • bugfix: Only generate ssh host keys on first boot, not on every reboot.
  • Enable TLS, install libc6-xen, and remove libc6-i686
  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-c0fa1ea9 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080905.manifest.xml

  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-179e7a7e - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080803.manifest.xml

  • Build using latest debootstrap v1.0.10
  • Output new ssh host key fingerprints to console log for security.
  • Use newly built kernel modules where fuse supports NFS export.
  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-26bc584f - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080628.manifest.xml

  • Change default timezone to UTC
  • Increase default root partition size to 10GB
  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-6a57b203 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080517.manifest.xml

  • Support instance user-data boot hook scripts.
  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-2048ad49 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080514.manifest.xml

  • Create new ssh host keys on first boot.
  • Don't try to set the CMOS hwclock under Xen and save 4 seconds on boot.
  • Don't try to run apparmor as we don't have the kernel module installed yet.
  • Silence grep warnings about missing authorized_keys.
  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions

ami-ce44a1a7 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080430.manifest.xml

  • First build direct from ec2ubuntu-build-ami script

ami-75789d1c - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080424.manifest.xml

  • Fresh upgrade with Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy release

ami-3a7c9953 - alestic/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-base-20080419.manifest.xml

  • Upgrade to use Amazon FC8 2.6.21 kernel
  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions (release candidate)

ami-1539dc7c - level22-ec2-images/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-20080205a.manifest.xml

  • Original (alpha) release on 2.6.16 kernel


Solid Installation and Configuration
Easy launch and modifications. Configuration files are up to date for installing additional linux applications. Thanks for the great AMI! Nanse.
biguru on March 18, 2009 6:53 PM GMT
Great job! Thanks.
do: apt-get update first. That worked for me.
Ben on March 2, 2009 9:39 AM GMT
Issue with apt-get install anything
I haven't been able to apt get install anything, I've tried appache2 and subversion. I have 3 reps in my etc/apt/source.list deb http://ec2-us-east-mirror.rightscale.com/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe multiverse deb http://ec2-us-east-mirror.rightscale.com/ubuntu hardy-updates main restricted universe multiverse deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy-security main restricted universe multiverse Any ideas?
hippo94579 on February 26, 2009 9:52 PM GMT
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