Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Base Install with HA Proxy pre-installed

items>Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Base Install with HA Proxy pre installed
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This image was based on ami-6a57b203, a clean, base install of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy by Eric Hammond. I updated packages (up-to-date as of July 1st, 2008) and installed HA Proxy and Heartbeat.I created this image in support of the article "Software Load Balancing with Amazon EC2".


Submitted By: PJ Cabrera
US East AMI ID: ami-02bf5b6b
AMI Manifest: pjc-ec2-images/haproxy.manifest.xml
Operating System: Other
Created On: July 24, 2008 7:54 AM GMT
Last Updated: January 3, 2009 11:06 PM GMT


This AMI is a clean, base install of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, with HA Proxy and Heartbeat pre-installed. It is based on ami-6a57b203, originally built by Eric Hammond for his ec2ubuntu project. This 32-bit AMI is for running on the 32-bit instance sizes including: m1.small, c1.medium


Features include:

  • Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy with upgraded packages (as of 2008-07-01)
  • HA-Proxy and Heartbeat pre-installed
  • Amazon EC2 AMI tools (1.3-20041 20071010) installed and patched for Ubuntu
  • Uses Amazon's newer 2.6.21 kernel (

  • Includes kernel modules for both 2.6.21 and 2.6.16 kernels.

  • openssh-server installed
  • On first boot, runs instance user-data script if it starts with #!
  • Generate new ssh host keys on first boot.
  • ca-certificates installed to support SSL in ec2-bundle-upload
  • tls disabled for performance and stability
  • /etc/apt/sources.list for hardy main restricted universe multiverse
  • /etc/event.d/tty[2-6] removed to avoid error messages in logs
  • Shadow passwords enabled
  • root password locked
  • 4GB root (/) partition
  • Network: DHCP on eth0, loopback on lo, simple /etc/hosts with localhost
  • root ssh public key creditials retrieved from instance parameters or ephemeral store on startup (standard Amazon EC2 ssh access for public AMIs)
  • Added "UseDNS no" to /etc/ssh/sshd_config as recommended by http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/2007-03-01/DeveloperGuide/public-ami-guidelines.html
  • Comment appended to /etc/motd using /etc/rc.local
  • Locale en_US, Timezone PDT

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