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Default Windows 2003 R2 image (32 bit)


Submitted By: Manish@AWS
US East AMI ID: ami-b53ce9dc
Europe AMI ID: ami-b14679c5
US West (Oregon) AMI ID: ami-aebd309e
US West (N. California) AMI ID: ami-2b5e006e
AP Southeast AMI ID: ami-4690d514
AP Northeast AMI ID: ami-66259267
SA East (São Paulo) AMI ID: ami-9029f68d
AMI Manifest: ec2-public-windows-images/Server2003r2-i386-Win-2011.12.23.manifest.xml
Operating System: Windows
Created On: October 23, 2008 12:01 PM GMT
Last Updated: December 29, 2011 2:58 PM GMT

About this AMI

  • Published by Amazon Web Services (
  • The image contains Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 DataCenter
  • This Windows-AMI should be used as a starting point for your 32-bit Windows Servers that do not require authentication services.

Language Support in Europe

This software is also available in Europe with support for different language packs. The AMI IDs for each language are:

For this language... Manifest
English ec2-public-windows-image-eu/EN-Server2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
German ec2-public-windows-image-eu/DE-Server2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
Spanish ec2-public-windows-image-eu/ES-Server2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
French ec2-public-windows-image-eu/FR-Server2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
Italian ec2-public-windows-image-eu/IT-Server2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml

What's New?

In v2011.12.23

  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till Dec 2011
  • Updated Network PV driver to
In V1.07:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till Oct 2009
In V1.06:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till April 14, 2009
In V1.05:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till March 11, 2009
In V1.04:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS09-001.
In V1.03:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS08-078.
In V1.02:
  • The boot.ini for Windows instances now has the /usepmtimer switch.This fixes the intermittent negative ping timer issue.
  • The latest Windows Security updates have been applied
  • AMI version bumped up to 1.02
  • New AMI naming convention
  • New ec2Config Service v1.1
In V1.01:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS08-067.
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