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Windows with SQL-Server Standard image (64 bit)


Submitted By: Manish@AWS
US East AMI ID: ami-2332e74a
Europe AMI ID: ami-cf4679bb
US West (Oregon) AMI ID: ami-a2bd3092
US West (N. California) AMI ID: ami-195e005c
AP Southeast AMI ID: ami-5e90d50c
AP Northeast AMI ID: ami-5e25925f
SA East (São Paulo) AMI ID: ami-9829f685
AMI Manifest: ec2-public-windows-images/SqlSvrStd2003r2-x86_64-Win-2011.12.23.manifest.xml
Operating System: Windows
Created On: October 23, 2008 12:19 PM GMT
Last Updated: December 29, 2011 2:59 PM GMT

About this AMI

  • Published by Amazon Web Services (
  • The image contains Microsoft SQL-Server Standard installed on Windows 2003 R2 DataCenter Anonymous
  • This Windows-AMI should be used as a starting point for your 64-bit Windows SQL-Servers.

Language Support in Europe

This software is also available in Europe with support for different language packs. The AMI IDs for each language are:

For this language... Manifest
English ec2-public-windows-image-eu/EN-SqlSvrStd2003r2-x86_64-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
German ec2-public-windows-image-eu/DE-SqlSvrStd2003r2-x86_64-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
Spanish ec2-public-windows-image-eu/ES-SqlSvrStd2003r2-x86_64-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
French ec2-public-windows-image-eu/FR-SqlSvrStd2003r2-x86_64-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
Italian ec2-public-windows-image-eu/IT-SqlSvrStd2003r2-x86_64-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml

What's New

In v2011.12.23

  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till Dec 2011
  • Updated Network PV driver to
In V1.07:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till Oct 2009
In V1.06:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till April 14, 2009
In V1.05:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till March 11, 2009
In V1.04:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS09-001.
In V1.03:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS08-078.
In V1.02:
  • The boot.ini for Windows instances now has the /usepmtimer switch.This fixes the intermittent negative ping timer issue.
  • The latest Windows Security updates have been applied
  • AMI version bumped up to 1.02
  • New AMI naming convention
  • New ec2Config Service v1.1
In V1.01:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS08-067.
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