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Windows Server 2003 R2 and SQL Server Express + IIS + ASP.NET (32bit)


Submitted By: Manish@AWS
US East AMI ID: ami-8f39ece6
Europe AMI ID: ami-b54679c1
US West (Oregon) AMI ID: ami-a8bd3098
US West (N. California) AMI ID: ami-235e0066
AP Southeast AMI ID: ami-4290d510
AP Northeast AMI ID: ami-62259263
SA East (São Paulo) AMI ID: ami-9429f689
AMI Manifest: ec2-public-windows-images/SqlSvrExp2003r2-i386-Win-2011.12.23.manifest.xml
Operating System: Windows
Created On: October 23, 2008 12:45 PM GMT
Last Updated: December 29, 2011 2:55 PM GMT

About this AMI

  • Published by Amazon Web Services (
  • The image contains Microsoft SQL-Server Express + IIS + ASP.NET installed on Windows 2003 R2 DataCenter Anonymous.

Language Support in Europe

This software is also available in Europe with support for different language packs. The AMI IDs for each language are:

For this language... Manifest
English ec2-public-windows-image-eu/EN-SqlSvrExp2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
German ec2-public-windows-image-eu/DE-SqlSvrExp2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
Spanish ec2-public-windows-image-eu/ES-SqlSvrExp2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
French ec2-public-windows-image-eu/FR-SqlSvrExp2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml
Italian ec2-public-windows-image-eu/IT-SqlSvrExp2003r2-i386-Win-v1.03.manifest.xml

What's New

In v2011.12.23

  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till Dec 2011
  • Updated Network PV driver to
In V1.07:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till Oct 2009
In V1.06:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till April 14, 2009
In V1.05:
  • Includes Security Update released by Microsoft till March 11, 2009
In V1.04:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS09-001.
In V1.03:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS08-078.
In V1.02:
  • The boot.ini for Windows instances now has the /usepmtimer switch.This fixes the intermittent negative ping timer issue.
  • The latest Windows Security updates have been applied
  • AMI version bumped up to 1.02
  • New AMI naming convention
  • New ec2Config Service v1.1
In V1.01:
  • Includes Critical Security Update: MS08-067.


Presistence and C;\Drive space
While I would love nothing more to leverage the Windows AMI (and yes, it would be more for a "hosting" situation as opposed to a web service Publishing situation) having a C;\Drive of 10Gb is relatively useless. Now I know I could build my own AMI local, and then get charged to upload it, and I also know that I can leverage a data store for my data/apps, however to persist a windows image, a solid 50-100GB of C:\ drive would be a nice option. Especially for the arrogant Windows apps that we have little choice to have running for our needs, that will only install on the C;\ Drive. Also, its been since April, and its Windows, and as such it would be great if these images could get patched and re-posted so that we don't get charged for bring them current each time we start up an instance. Thanks.
clicker on August 20, 2009 7:58 PM GMT
Needs a bit of updating
This AMI is pretty good for a small one. As expected of a "small" AMI, it's a bit pokey via remote desktop but performs fine. I originally had a few remote desktop connection errors, but I think that's just a 1.7gb ram + single core spooling-up issue. After running for a while, it's behaving more consistently. Also, like other Windows AMIs, it takes more than 2-3 minutes after startup to generate an administrator password (more like 10). Additionally, I had to reregister aspnet with IIS to get 2.0 working and there are some updates that could be done (sql express 2005 hotfixes and net 3.5 sp1), but other than that, it works! Thank you!
"hussainc" on February 14, 2009 11:30 PM GMT
Price of AMI
How do I know if this AMI is charged as "Windows" or as "Windows with Authentication Services". I know it's datacenter, that's all. Plus, when I post a review, I cannot post a second review or comment. And I cannot discuss this AMI.
camalartre on November 25, 2008 8:50 PM GMT
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