RunMyProcess delivers a cutting edge and ergonomic "BPM as a service" platform, enabling rapid SaaS integration and workflow applications design. RunMyProcess is entirely available "as a service", through the web without any installation and with usage based pricing.


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Created On: December 30, 2008 7:17 PM GMT
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RunMyProcess provides a combination of rapid application design and easy integration capabilities to quickly deploy workflows and process based applications:

* Web applications design without development using our wysiwyg editor
* Business process, workflows and integration flows definition in our drag-and-drop graphical environment, including complex schemes such as escalation, scheduling, messaging or exception management.
* More than 350 ready to use connectors to leading SaaS and PaaS providers.
* Highly customizable RSS feeds to integrate workflow tasks, business indicators or process tracability reports into your own portal.

What can be built with RunMyProcess?

* Extended information system:
Your business activity induces several information flows with your partners, providers or customers: service activation, purchasing process, logistics follow-up, etc. Your information system includes external elements, such as on demand software solutions (� software as a service �), providers' market place or any dematerialized exchanges with partners.
* Flexible workflow applications:
Design the required web screens, identify users and roles in your organization, and add some initial logic via a couple of simple process: you are live within days with shared and flexible rules, users know what they should do, you can run that new activity and get real-time dashboards. That's ideal to deploy internal workflows complementary to an ERP solution, in a few days and with extremely limited financial and technical risks.
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