OpenSolaris OpenESB v3 AMI Provided by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

items>OpenSolaris OpenESB v3 AMI Provided by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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32-bit OpenSolaris 2008.11 AMI Provided by Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Submitted By: nextgenec2
US East AMI ID: ami-5d2cca34
Europe AMI ID: ami-cfb199bb
AMI Manifest: sun-osol-2008-11/OpenSolaris_2008.11_32_OpenESB_v3.0.img.manifest.xml
Operating System: Linux/Unix
Created On: June 29, 2009 7:45 PM GMT
Last Updated: June 30, 2009 8:52 PM GMT


OpenESB is an Open Source project creating a platform for Business Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, and SOA. The license is CDDL. A large number of components is being developed in the OpenESB community: e.g. for accessing back-end systems and other ESBs or SOA platforms, for message transformation, etc. Unlike proprietary ESBs, OpenESB is purely based on open standards (e.g. JBI and Java EE). This prevents vendor lock-in.

The following components are included in the AMI.

  • Open-ESB v3 (pre-configured state) contains the following:

    • The Open-ESB v3 Runtime
    • Service Engines
      • Sun JRuby Engine
      • POJO SE Component
    • Binding Components
      • FTP Binding Component
      • Email Binding Component
      • File Binding Component
      • Sun Database Binding
      • Scheduler Binding Component
      • REST Binding Component
      • RSS Binding Component
      • XMPP Binding Component
    • Shared Libraries
      • Sun WSDL Shared Library
      • Sun Encoder Library
      • Sun Shared Util Library
    • The Aspect Framework
    • Log Aspect
    • Policy Aspect
    • A Web-Based Tooling Editor (accessible from http://<DNS host name associated with the instance>:8080/fuji/editor)
  • Apache Derby
  • Apache Felix

The Open-ESB Web Editor can be accessible using public DNS address associated with the instance. It can be accessed from http://<DNS host name associated with the instance>:8080/fuji/editor in their browser.


  • Open ESB v3 (bundled within this AMI in pre-configured state) is available under location /usr/fuji

  • Users can launch the Open ESB editor from http://<DNS host name associated with the instance>:8080/fuji/editor in their browser.

  • Apache Felix and Derby services are pre-configured to start on automatically

For more details on security information and image usage instructions, please refer to the '/root/ec2sun/
README' file.

File Layout

Open ESB v3

Binary Runtime Files


Configuration Files


To start the Open ESB v3 instance:

cd /usr/fuji

java -jar ./bin/felix.jar

The instance uses up 3 ports:

  • 1600 - Apache Derby

  • 8699 - RMI/JRMP Port

  • 8080 - Http Port used by the OSGi/Felix Http Service

The web application should be accessible from:

http://<DNS host name associated with the instance>:8080/fuji/editor



For technical support during the Beta period, please contact ec2�-solaris�-support[AT]SUN[DOT]COM.

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