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IBM® Mashup Center is an end-to-end enterprise mashup platform, supporting rapid assembly of dynamic web applications with the management, security, and governance capabilities IT requires. IBM® Mashup Center is designed to provide an easy to use business mashup solution, supporting line of business assembly of dynamic situational applications - with the security and governance capabilities IT requires.


Submitted By: Mike Culver
US East AMI ID: ami-fef01297
Europe AMI ID: ami-bd0922c9
AP Southeast AMI ID: ami-ffdfa0ad
AMI Manifest: ec2-paid-ibm-images/ibm-mashup-center-2.0-32-bit.manifest.xml
Operating System: Linux/Unix
Created On: December 15, 2009 5:53 PM GMT
Last Updated: August 6, 2010 7:54 PM GMT

IBM Mashup Center is an end to end mashup platform enabling the rapid creation, sharing, and discovery of reusable application building blocks (widgets, feeds, mashups) that can be easily assembled into new applications or leveraged within existing applications - delivering lower development costs, rapid ROI, quick delivery of dynamic applications, and greater productivity. With this lightweight mashup environment, organizations can unlock and transform enterprise, Web, personal and departmental information into consumable or "mashable" assets, including information feeds and widgets. These assets can then be dynamically assembled, at-the-glass, into new applications that address daily business challenges. With IBM Mashup Center, organizations can reduce their application backlog and improve productivity by empowering line of business, self-service application development.

Core capabilities include:

Unlock information sources - create easily consumable feeds from a variety of information sources inside and outside your enterprise.

Rapid assembly of mashups - end users assemble new mashups by dragging and dropping widgets onto the page and wiring them together.

Discover and share assets - publish mashups and widgets in a catalogue where others can discover and reuse them.

Transform information - mix information feeds together to create net new feeds called data mashups.

Create dynamic widgets - includes a powerful widget creation environment that enables developers of all skill levels to rapidly generate widgets without coding.

The AMI is available on 32-bit 2.6.16 kernel level-based Linux OS and provides an end-to-end automation to get the AMI initially set up according to user's requirements including:

  • Root and default user password setup
  • Optional (recommended) Elastic Block Storage (EBS) setup for persistent data storage

When an IBM Mashup Center Development AMI instance is started for the very first time, a sequence of interactive configuration screens will help the user setup their environment in a few quick steps:

  1. Pre-installed OS/software license agreements screen
  2. Root and virtuser user password configuration screens
  3. IBM Mashup Center localization progress screens
  4. Amazon Web Services configuration screens
  5. EBS storage configuration screens

A description of each interactive step and additional information about how to re-package the IBM Mashup Center Development AMI with an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) application can be found in the accompanying documentation.

Instances created based on this AMI are configured for root-level access over secure shell (SSH) using the keypair you specify at instance creation.

IBM Mashup Center is installed under /opt/IBMMashupCenter

Once started, IBM Mashup Center can be accessed over the Web using the URL:


Where <server> refers to the public DNS name of the new instance. Use the virtuser user ID to log into WebSphere Portal, using the password set during the initialization process. Note this also requires that the local HTTP Server be started. Refer to the Getting Started document under Resources and Documentation for details.

Getting Started - Video Tutorial

You can get started using Amazon EC2 running IBM by viewing the videos below.
  1. Get setup and configure your AMI with IBM Mashup Center
  2. More demos
For addition info on customizing your AMI please visit DeveloperWorks.

Prerequisites and Resources

Instance Type:

Small instance types (m1.small) should be sufficient for most development needs. Large (m1.large) should be sufficient for most production and test usage needs. Larger instance sizes will provide additional CPU and memory capacity and should be considered for CPU and/or memory intensive portal-based solutions.

Please review "IBM Mashup Center Development AMI Frequently Asked Questions" for more details.

Software Included:

  • IBM Mashup Center V 2.0
  • 2.6.16 level based SuSE SLES 10 SP 2 operating system

Resources and Documentation:

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