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IBM® WebSphere® eXtreme Scale processes massive volumes of transactions withextreme efficiency and linear scalability.


Submitted By: Mike Culver
US East AMI ID: ami-a046a4c9
Europe AMI ID: ami-c3edc6b7
AP Southeast AMI ID: ami-0ff28d5d
AMI Manifest: ec2-paid-ibm-images/extremescale-70-32bit-noid.manifest.xml
Operating System: Linux/Unix
Created On: January 29, 2010 3:32 AM GMT
Last Updated: August 6, 2010 8:28 PM GMT

IBM® WebSphere® eXtreme Scale processes massive volumes of transactions with extreme efficiency and linear scalability.

  • Fast application performance: Use as a powerful distributed cache to speed application access to data.
  • Foundation for high-throughput transaction processing: Increases responsiveness and accelerates the performance of data-intensive applications yielding higher throughput.
  • Replace expensive disk operations with replicated memory operations for lower costs, easier scaling and higher performance.
  • Linear scalability: Scale out without limitations.
  • Automatic replication of data for high availability and fault tolerance: Lower the risks of data loss and limit after-hours recovery and reconciliation efforts.
  • Automatic data placement: Automatically place data and its replicas according to user preference to increase overall availability.
  • Flexible definition of data location: Optimize use of server resources.

The WebSphere eXtreme Scale AMI provides Amazon EC2 users with a fully configured platform for building powerful Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) applications. It is available on Linux SLES 10 SP2 (32-bit).

Additional information about how to re-package the WebSphere eXtreme Scale AMI with an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) application can be found in the accompanying Get Started Guide.

Prerequisites and Resources

Instance Type

  • The WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 7.0 AMI is 32 bit and works with Small and High-CPU Medium EC2 instance sizes.

Software Included

  • SLES 10 SP2 (32-bit)
  • IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 7.0
  • IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ (DB2® v9.5 FP4)
  • IBM 32-bit SDK, Java Technology Edition v6 (SR4)

Resources and Documentation

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