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The IBM Industry Application Platform (WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ, DB2 Express-C) Amazon Machine Image (AMI) provides Amazon EC2 users with a fully configured software stack for the development and execution of industry vertical and cross-industry applications using a broad range of capabilities including SOA, relational database, J2EE, XML, Web 2.0 and reliable messaging. It is available on Linux SLES 10 sp2. The offering is for Development Use only.


Submitted By: ibmaws
US East AMI ID: ami-95f01ffc
AP Southeast AMI ID: ami-5df18e0f
AMI Manifest: ibm-industry-application-platform-v1.0/image.manifest.xml
Operating System: Linux/Unix
Created On: March 30, 2010 5:22 PM GMT
Last Updated: September 27, 2010 9:13 PM GMT
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About the Software:

The products included in the image consists of a robust middleware platform with a J2EE application server, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ for an assured message delivery component and DB2 Express-C as a relational database management system.

IBM WebSphere Application Server is the visionary platform for SOA, advancing the alignment of business and IT for 10 years as the industry's runtime platform of choice. Highlights include:

  • Simplification for developers offers enhanced support for standards, emerging technology and a choice of development frameworks
  • Application reuse and Integration enables re-use of applications and services
  • Rock-solid security
  • High performance SOA environment provides a fast, secure, scalable and reliable environment that enables development and application efficiencies
  • Intelligent management delivered through simplified infrastructure offers flexible and effective application control and runtime efficiency

IBM DB2 provides a deployment ready relational database platform that supports key development platforms including C/C++, Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc., and is well suited for a variety of Web, Web 2.0, transactional, analytical, ERP, and other business applications.

WebSphere MQ provides enterprise message queuing services to applications across a range of programming models and architects, including Java, .Net, Web Services, SOA and Web 2.0. WebSphere MQ can reduce the risk of data being lost when applications, Web services or networks fail. It also helps ensure that data is not duplicated and completes as a single unit of work or transaction. This assured delivery means that WebSphere MQ forms the backbone of many critical communication systems and is entrusted with delivering business-critical and high-value data. WebSphere MQ can deliver information either synchronously or asynchronously depending on the needs of the applications and Web services.

The "bundling" of these products provides several key benefits to industry application developers:

  • Leverage a software stack based on a common industry application architecture pattern used with IBM business partners and ISV across many different industries
  • All of the key runtime environments for your industry focused application are available to utilize a broad range of capabilities typically required across many industries and domains within them.
  • The bundle comes with one just license and just one single integrated Amazon Machine Image to manage. By leveraging the software bundle in a single image delivered via the Amazon Web Services cloud model, your development and testing cycles can be shortened and have higher confidence of success.

Prerequisites and Resources:

Instance Type:

  • The IBM Industry Application Platform (WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ, DB2) AMI is 32 bit and works with Medium and High-CPU EC2 instance sizes.

Software Included:

  • SUSE Enterprise Linux Server 10 SP2
  • WebSphere Application Server V7.0.0.7
  • DB2 Express-C v9.7.1
  • WebSphere MQ v7.0.1

Resources and Documentation:

End-to-end automation is included to get the included IBM software products' configuration initially set up according to user's requirements including:

  • Root password setup
  • WebSphere Application Server profile and administrative password setup
  • WebSphere MQ Queue Manager setup
  • DB2 Express-C instances and passwords setup
  • Optional (recommended) Elastic Block Storage (EBS) setup for persistent data storage

A description of each interactive step and additional information about how to re-package the AMI with an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) application can be found in the accompanying documentation.

A sample application is provided that utilizes the capabilities of all 3 installed IBM software products - WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Express-C and WebSphere MQ. The sample application is the "DayTrader" sample application from WebSphere Application Server and is based on the "Trade6" J2EE benchmark application. Scripts are included to configure resources and configuration settings in WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ and DB2 Express-C for use by the sample application. This configuration is performed automatically at the time the AMI is initialized.

Use of the AMI with Rational Application Developer v7.5 or Rational Software Architect v7.5 has been made seamless with Rational Agent Controller already configured in the AMI for remote access by these application development products. Using these IDEs on local user machines, developers can deploy, test and debug their applications running in WebSphere Application Server Applications on the AMI.

Documentation associated with the AMI:

  • IBM Industry Application Platform — (WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ, DB2 Express-C) AMI FAQs
  • IBM Industry Application Platform — (WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ, DB2 Express-C) AMI Get Started Guide
  • For a full listing of IBM products featured on AWS, please see the IBM developerWorks Cloud Computing Resource Center
  • For information about the complete line of IBM WebSphere products

WebSphere Application Server v7.0.0.7

WebSphere MQ v7.0.1

DB2 v9.7 Express-C

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