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Official image of 32-bit Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Server


Submitted By: canonicaleditorteam
US East AMI ID: ami-a403f7cd
Europe AMI ID: ami-4a34013e
US West (N. California) AMI ID: ami-e80c5cad
AP Southeast AMI ID: ami-60067832
AMI Manifest: ubuntu-images/ubuntu-lucid-10.04-i386-server-20101020
Operating System: Linux/Unix
Created On: October 11, 2010 8:12 PM GMT
Last Updated: October 21, 2010 9:17 PM GMT

This AMI is based on 32-bit Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Server. The 32 bit version is made to run on the t1.micro, m1.small and c1.medium instance sizes.

For more information, please see the official Ubuntu information.

AMI ids
Refresh 20101020

  • EBS Root
    ap-southeast-1: ami-00067852
    eu-west-1: ami-f4340180
    us-east-1: ami-480df921
    us-west-1: ami-8c0c5cc9
  • Instance Store
    ap-southeast-1: ami-60067832
    eu-west-1: ami-4a34013e
    us-east-1: ami-a403f7cd
    us-west-1: ami-e80c5cad

Known Issues
  • bug 567334 : very rarely, an instance can take > 240 seconds to boot
  • Refresh 20101020
    • bug 574910 : values in /proc/loadavg are reported incorrectly
    • Several linux kernel CVE addressed.
  • Refresh 20100923
    • linux-ec2 update (2.6.32-308.16) addressing security issues CVE-2010-3301 and CVE-2010-3081
    • cloud-init fixes an issue with reboot on t1.micro (LP: #634102)
    • mountall update for a local security issue (LP: #591807)
    • general package updates
  • Refresh 20100827
  • Release 20100427.1
    • Non ec2 specific package updates
  • Release Candidate
    • bug 551847 was fixed. Images rebundled with euca-bundle-vol now boot successfully
  • Beta 2
    • bug 527208 was fixed. Instances now run on c1.xlarge
    • bug 531494 fixed. ssh access should be more reliable
  • Beta 1
    • Produce EBS Root instances
    • Fix bug causing configuration or scripts provided via user-data to be delayed in running. (527364)
    • ubuntu-bug now works without manual 'apt-get update' (513060)
    • fix to fstab generation on first boot (524562)
  • Alpha 3
    • First release with integrated cloud-init package, which has much more powerful hooks exposed to user-data. See documentation in the cloud-init package for more information.
  • Alpha 2
    • New version of ec2-init integrated
  • Alpha 1
    • First Milestone Image of Lucid
Previous Releases
  • Refresh 20100923
    • EBS Root
      ap-southeast-1: ami-ea1e60b8
      eu-west-1: ami-16794c62
      us-east-1: ami-6c06f305
      us-west-1: ami-f61141b3
    • Instance Store
      ap-southeast-1: ami-ca1e6098
      eu-west-1: ami-52794c26
      us-east-1: ami-6407f20d
      us-west-1: ami-cc114189
  • Refresh 20100827
    • EBS Root
      ap-southeast-1: ami-2c354b7e
      eu-west-1: ami-38bf954c
      us-east-1: ami-1234de7b
      us-west-1: ami-10f3a255
    • Instance Store
      ap-southeast-1: ami-3e354b6c
      eu-west-1: ami-fabe948e
      us-east-1: ami-1437dd7d
      us-west-1: ami-7af3a23f
  • Release 20100427.1
    • EBS Root
      ap-southeast-1: ami-4df28d1f
      eu-west-1: ami-a94d67dd
      us-east-1: ami-714ba518
      us-west-1: ami-cb97c68e
    • Instance Store
      ap-southeast-1: ami-a5f38cf7
      eu-west-1: ami-cf4d67bb
      us-east-1: ami-2d4aa444
      us-west-1: ami-c597c680
  • Release Candidate
    • EBS Root
      eu-west-1: ami-03765c77
      us-east-1: ami-8f03ede6
      us-west-1: ami-7b90c13e
    • Instance Store
      eu-west-1: ami-15765c61
      us-east-1: ami-a102ecc8
      us-west-1: ami-6990c12c
  • Beta 2
    • EBS Root
      eu-west-1: ami-83604af7
      us-east-1: ami-4be50b22
      us-west-1: ami-f36637b6
    • Instance Store
      eu-west-1: ami-93604ae7
      us-east-1: ami-09e40a60
      us-west-1: ami-e56637a0
  • Beta 1
    • EBS Root
      eu-west-1: ami-cd9bb0b9
      us-east-1: ami-a908e7c0
      us-west-1: ami-857829c0
    • Instance Store
      eu-west-1: ami-df9bb0ab
      us-east-1: ami-ad09e6c4
      us-west-1: ami-eb7829ae
  • Alpha 3
    eu-west-1: ami-a5b893d1
    us-east-1: ami-5154b838
    us-west-1: ami-a74918e2
  • Alpha 2
    eu-west-1: ami-89cae1fd
    us-east-1: ami-f707ea9e
    us-west-1: ami-392d7c7c
  • Alpha 1
    eu-west-1: ami-53ebc027
    us-east-1: ami-026a886b
    us-west-1: ami-513e6f14
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