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Gentoo Linux image with working AMI tools for volume imaging, portage tree on ephemeral storage, entirely optimized for Xen, a few additional packages to stage 3.


Submitted By: geertbevin
US East AMI ID: ami-a6bd58cf
AMI Manifest: uwyn.ami/gentoo.manifest.xml
Operating System: Other
Created On: January 18, 2007 1:13 PM GMT
Last Updated: January 3, 2009 11:36 PM GMT

About this AMI

  • Published by Geert Bevin (
  • This image contains a Gentoo Linux installation from stage 3
  • Gentoo Linux
    • dhcpcd and apache 2 installed,
    • all packages are recent and updated,
    • AMI tools have been installed and are fully working even for volume imaging,
    • the portage tree has been bind-mounted to /mnt/usr/portage to preserve space on the root file system,
    • the root home directory contains a dev-copy directory that is needed to build the volume images,
    • all packages have been recompiled to correctly respect the Xen environment.
  • This image contains the following daemons / services:
    • dhcpcd
    • openssh
    • apache 2 (disabled by default)

What's New?

The following changes were made on 2007-01-19.
  • Rebuilt all package to correctly respect the Xen environment, as described here
  • Added zip, unzip and screen packages
  • Minor change to welcome script so that it only appears in full at the first login
The following changes were made on 2007-01-18.
  • Initial release


this rocks!
Thanks for doing this Geert! Saved me a ton of time, and it is very minimalist in keeping with the Gentoo aesthetic. Just one complaint - the fuse utils don't seem to be installed. And a suggestion if anybody is interested - seems like a portage mirror could be set up in S3 and portage modified to point at it. Also, it seems like more portage-related directories will need to live in ephemeral storage than just /usr/portage (eg /var/cache, /var/tmp, /usr/share). It'd be interesting to see how people layout their larger systems.
Dan Kearns on January 25, 2007 8:26 PM GMT
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