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Anywhere.FM is a web music player that allows you to upload your music, play it anywhere, and discover new music through friends.


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Created On: October 1, 2007 8:55 PM GMT
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Anywhere.FM lets you listen to your music library from any web browser no matter where you are. Upload your songs directly to the site, or use the desktop uploader to automatically sync your music folder or iTunes library online, complete with play lists, ratings, and play counts. Once your music is online, enjoy it on a rich, responsive player that looks and feels just like a desktop media player. While you wait, sample a selection of top independent music from GarageBand.

Anywhere.FM also makes it incredibly easy to share your play lists and discover new music. Your play lists are automatically published as radio stations that your friends can tune into and comment on. The built-in community browser shows you people with similar musical tastes from whom you can discover new bands and albums. Request particular songs or artists by leaving your friends a note, or purchase songs and albums you like directly through the player.
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