Posted On: Dec 16, 2014

You can now learn more about the end users who access the content that Amazon CloudFront is delivering for you by using four new reports.

Three new Viewer Reports show the countries where your end users are located as well as the browsers and operating systems they use. For all these reports you can also display trends over time. The Viewer Reports include the following:

  • Locations Report: shows the top 50 countries by viewer requests. You can also view requests from within the U.S. by state/territory.
  • Browsers Report: shows the top 10 browsers, by name or by name and version, that viewers used to access your content.
  • Operating Systems Report: shows the top 10 operating systems, by name or by name and version, that viewers used to access your content.

Additionally, a new Top Referrers Report shows the top 25 referrers (by domain name) that your viewer requests are coming from.

There are no additional charges for these reports, and you do not need to make any changes to your CloudFront configuration. You can access these reports via the Amazon CloudFront Management Console by selecting either the Viewers or Top Referrers links under the Reports and Analytics section in the navigation pane. You can also learn about more Amazon CloudFront Reports by visiting the Amazon CloudFront Reports & Analytics page.

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