Discover the benefits of a Data Lake on AWS with Cloudwick

Cloudwick is one of the largest enterprise Big Data-as-a-Service providers and currently manages over 50,000 Big Data clusters on AWS. As an Advanced Consulting Partner with the APN Big Data Competency, Cloudwick has the expertise and a repeatable 3-step methodology for performing Big Data migrations to AWS. Cloudwick makes moving workloads and architecting a Data Lake simple and painless.

Cloudwick is trusted with managing Hadoop, Cassandra, and Spark services for dozens of Global 1000 companies, and our experience working with AWS makes us an ideal partner to work with you to architect a Data Lake on AWS.

Discover the benefits of an AWS Data Lake with CloudwickQuick and securely architect a Data Lake platform – accelerate your time to analytical insight with the Cloudwick Advanced Analytics Data Lake Jumpstart Package consulting offer.

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  • Fixed Price Solutions: By offering fixed prices for their cloud and Big Data managed services, Cloudwick can offer customers improved performance, cost optimization, and guaranteed production SLAs without the risk of increased costs.
  • 3-Step Methodology: Having experience moving large Big Data workloads to AWS has enabled Cloudwick to develop a repeatable 3-step methodology for Big Data Migrations, including architecting Data Lakes.
  • Experience Managing Big Data Lakes on AWS: Managing over 50,000 Big Data clusters on AWS, Cloudwick is one of the largest Big Data managed service providers. Cloudwick’s experience architecting and managing Data Lakes enables organizations to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

When a major health care company needed an AWS-based Big Data solution that enabled them to ingest data quicker and leverage near real-time analytics, they chose Cloudwick to architect a Data Lake on AWS. To learn more about how Cloudwick helped this organization and can help yours, read our eBook:

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