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From learning to earning: AWS Educate announces collaboration with Chegg

Chegg, an educational software company, and AWS Educate launched a new initiative to help accelerate a student’s time from learning to earning. Through this collaboration, Chegg students can take skill assessments that identify potential skill gaps and connect them to appropriate AWS Educate cloud curricula – helping better prepare them for high-demand jobs in cloud computing. This partnership brings AWS Educate resources to Chegg’s 14 million (and growing) student membership.

The initiative also helps companies find trained talent in cloud computing in less time. After completing an AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathway, students can participate in both Chegg’s PriorityPass and the AWS Educate Interview Accelerator programs to connect with in-demand jobs or internships and accelerate their interview process if they meet certain skills or testing qualifications.

Participating employers in Chegg’s PriorityPass allow participants to jump forward in the application process if they can prove certain skill levels, through skill assessments or completing skill training. AWS Educate Interview Accelerator is a feature of the AWS Educate Job Board that allows students to accelerate their interview process if they complete a qualified Cloud Career Pathway.

With 42% of students starting work underemployed outside of their field of study – and with more than half of those students still underemployed after 10 years – it is increasingly important to guide students into a growth path after college.[1]

Chegg is a publicly held company based in Santa Clara, California. As a leading student-first connected learning platform, Chegg strives to improve the overall return on investment in education by helping students learn more in less time and at a lower cost. For more information, visit

AWS Educate is Amazon’s grant-based, global initiative to provide educational institutions, educators, and students with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning and graduate students ready to enter a cloud-enabled workplace. By addressing the overwhelming global need for a technically-skilled workforce in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and providing opportunities for high-paying careers in the cloud, AWS Educate aims to positively impact workforce development and create hundreds of thousands of AWS evangelists. Learn more about AWS Educate Success Stories.


[1] The Labor Market for Recent College Graduates.” FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK, 2017