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Instructure collaborates with AWS Educate to integrate cloud computing content into the Canvas LMS

The integration will help thousands of educators register students for courses preparing them for cloud careers

Canvas logoInstructure is announcing a new offering in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Canvas Learning Management Platform (LMS) users with AWS Educate, Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to build cloud skills that will help students land jobs. This offering provides one-click access to AWS Educate, granting students and teachers seamless registration. The offering includes a series of tools for educators to help them design, build, and launch new courses and modules. This is available for all students in cloud computing and project-based learning environments, making grading fast and easy.

Cloud and distributed computing jobs have emerged as the most in demand, and AWS Educate seeks to deliver the tools and content that will help accelerate the teaching and learning of these critical skills. AWS Educate offers members no-cost access to AWS technology, 11 Cloud Career Pathways that align to in-demand job roles, training with knowledge checks and assessments, and the AWS Educate Job Board that features 5,000 jobs from Amazon and other companies around the world. By automating registration into AWS Educate for any school that uses Canvas, this new Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)-enabled offering provides students with streamlined access to AWS Educate learning content that will help them develop the skills to meet the demand for cloud-related jobs. Educators and teachers can expect a simplified content development tool to jump start the development of cloud courses and download common cartridge format AWS Educate courses. In addition, teachers will have the ability to leverage automated cloud lab environments in AWS Classrooms.

“The cloud opens up dynamic possibilities for educators and students to access learning resources and hands-on learning activities, promoting innovation inside and outside the classroom,” said Ken Eisner, Director, Worldwide Education Programs, Amazon Web Services. “With this new integration into Canvas, educators and students gain simplified, streamlined, and enhanced access into AWS Educate, placing students in the driver’s seat on their pathway to careers in cloud computing.”

View the AWS Educate app or ask your administrator to enable it within your Canvas App Center today to get started with your content right away.