Data Center Technician

Everyone is using so many applications via internet, we can access everything via a click of a button, and not many people know how IT technologies work. When I heard about this team I thought it was great that I could work as one who is supporting customers behind the scenes to keep things moving. In a sense, that’s like a hero, isn’t it?

I was surprised with a lot of support: managers buy books for team so that we can learn about new IT technologies, there are several devices prepared for practicing (PCs, switches, servers, and racks), and senior techs are there to provide necessary training along the path that can help us to be successful.

Yes, I knew it because I was working as a security guard at several data centers.

Today I work as a Data Center Technician (Server Engineer), after joining the program and getting hands on experience I was motivated to read and practice. I started with self-study, there are so many books we can learn from, my mentors were there to train me and show me everything. When reviewing the session I used to check the information from the material I had, to understand the differences between different protocols, reviewing of concept of TCP/UDP. The program gave me a great environment to learn, the mentors help me actually getting exposure to new skills and also a path to identify my next goals. I am now learning python so that I can pursue understanding of programing and use that to contribute more to my role.

If you are passionate to grow your career in IT field or explore Data center industry this program can be very valuable. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about IT hardware, you will get a lot to learn from this role and grow your career.

The team is wonderful, there were always there to support me and guide me everyone is so helpful and taught me so many things. In my team, I can take initiatives, I can own things and drive the way I want.

I work out at the gym, I enjoy reading, and often go to eat something with friends/co-workers.