Data Center Logistics Specialist

Tenure: 2 years 1 month

Previously, I worked for an International Logistics company, which provides logistics solutions and supply chain management to a variety of industries around the globe. My role was focused on coordinating air freight shipments from different countries as well as maintaining excellence on customer service in critical industries such as automotive, agricultural, and energy. Following this experience, I also worked for a small exporting company, where I had the chance to gain experience on warehouse and inventory management.

Essentially, my team is responsible for providing assets to multiple teams in the Infrastructure Operations, helping all teams to have what they need to keep our Data Centers running smoothly. 
My team manages new deliveries, maintains and controls inventory, ship assets in and out whenever needed between multiple data centers; we are also in charge of reverse logistics when applicable.
Our Data Centers don’t stop growing, so as the scope of work for the Data Center Logistics specialists and trainees, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in different projects.
Although Logistics has a similar essence across different industries, I was eager to find out how different the Data Center Logistics is. Despite of not having a tech background, I’ve joined AWS because I knew I could contribute with my Logistics knowledge that I’ve been developing through the years and because I wanted to learn something new and different.
I am happy to be part of my team, where I can rely on my teammates without hesitation. We are always supporting one another and exchanging our experiences and knowledge, as we face our daily challenges. I’ve seen teammates transitioning to other teams to expand and develop different skills, however I haven’t set a target in that direction yet as I do have the feeling that the Data Center world is fresh for me and I still have a lot to learn.
We are constantly learning and developing ourselves; it’s a nonstop apprenticeship and I do enjoy the fact that I learn more than one new thing every day.
If you are all about putting effort into achieving your goals, having fun by thinking outside the box, like experimenting new things, and want to make history by raising the bar to reach new heights, then this is the place to be. Come join us!