What's New with Containers on AWS

Run Serverless Kubernetes Pods Using Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate

You can now use Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to run Kubernetes pods on AWS Fargate, the serverless compute engine built for containers on AWS. This makes it easier than ever to build and run your Kubernetes applications in the AWS cloud.

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AWS launches Fargate Spot, save up to 70% for fault tolerant applications

AWS Fargate now supports Fargate Spot, a new deployment option on AWS Fargate to run fault-tolerant applications with up to 70% discount compared to Fargate prices.

Amazon ECS Capacity Providers Now Available

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Capacity Providers are now available. Capacity Providers are a new way to manage compute capacity for containers, that allow the application to define its requirements for how it uses the capacity.

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Recent Announcements


Date Announcement    
November 26 Amazon ECS Service Events Now Available as CloudWatch Events    
November 25 Amazon EKS Increases Limits to 100 Clusters per Region    
November 21 Amazon EKS now available in the Canada (Central) Region    
November 21 ECR events now published to EventBridge    
November 19 ECS container instances monitoring now available in Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights    
November 18 AWS launches FireLens, a log router for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate    
November 18 Amazon EKS adds support for provisioning and managing Kubernetes worker nodes    
November 15 AWS App Mesh increases default limits on several resources    
November 14 Amazon Elastic Container Service publishes multiple GitHub Actions    
November 13 AWS Fargate is now available in the South America (Sao Paulo) region    
November 7 AWS App Mesh now supports HTTP2 and gRPC services    
November 7 AWS supports Automated Draining for Spot Instance Nodes on Kubernetes    
October 28 Announcing Image Scanning for Amazon ECR    
October 25 Amazon Elastic Container Service patterns are Generally Available in the AWS Cloud Development Kit    
October 16 Amazon EKS Generally Available in São Paulo Region    
October 10 Amazon ECS now Supports ECS Image SHA Tracking    
October 9 Amazon ECS adds support for G4 Instance types    
October 8 Windows Nodes Supported by Amazon EKS    
October 2 Amazon Elastic Container Service now supports IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code    
September 30 Amazon EKS Adds Support for G4 Instance    
September 30 AWS Fargate now available in EU (Stockholm), EU (Paris) and Middle East (Bahrain) regions    
September 30 Now use PrivateLink Endpoint Policies to better control Amazon ECR access    
September 27 Amazon ECS supports Automated Draining for Spot Instances running ECS Services    
September 19 Amazon EKS Announces Support for the Amazon EFS CSI Driver    
September 18 Amazon EKS provides EKS-Optimized AMI metadata via SSM Parameters    
September 17 Amazon Elastic Inference Now Available In Amazon ECS Tasks    
September 16 Amazon EKS Supports Cluster Tagging    
September 9 Amazon EKS Now Supports the EBS CSI Driver    
September 4 Amazon EKS Adds Support to Assign IAM Permissions to Kubernetes Service Accounts    
September 4 Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.14    
August 30 Amazon EKS Available in Bahrain Region    
August 30 Container monitoring for Amazon ECS, EKS, and Kubernetes is now available in Amazon CloudWatch    
August 19 Amazon ECS Now Supports Per-Container Swap Space Parameters    
August 6 AWS Fargate now available in Hong Kong Region    
August 1 Amazon EKS Available in Hong Kong Region    
July 30 Amazon ECS services now support multiple load balancer target groups    
July 26 Amazon ECR Now Supports Immutable Image tags    
July 22 Amazon ECS Console now enables simplified AWS App Mesh Integration    
July 12 AWS VPC CNI Verison 1.5.0 Now Default for Amazon EKS Clusters    
July 11 Amazon ECS now offers improved capabilities for local testing    
July 9 AWS Container Services launches Fluent Bit Plugins for AWS    
July 9 Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate    
June 19 Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.13, ECR PrivateLink, and Kubernetes Pod Security Policies    
June 14 AWS App Mesh Service Discovery with AWS Cloud Map generally available    
June 6 Amazon ECS Improves ENI Density Limits for awsvpc Networking Mode    
June 5 Amazon ECS Support for Windows Server 2019 Containers is Generally Available    
May 14 Amazon EKS Simplifies Kubernetes Cluster Authentication    
May 13 Amazon EKS Adds Support for Public IP Addresses Within Cluster VPCs    
May 1 Amazon EKS Releases Deep Learning Benchmarking Utility   Blog »
May 1 Amazon ECS Console support for ECS-optimized Amazon Linux 2 AMI and Amazon EC2 A1 instance family now available    
April 24 Amazon EKS Supports EC2 A1 Instances as a Public Preview    
April 4 Amazon EKS Now Delivers Kubernetes Control Plane Logs to Amazon CloudWatch    
April 3 AWS Fargate PV1.3 adds secrets and enhanced container dependency management    
April 2 AWS introduces CSI Drivers for Amazon EFS and Amazon FSx for Lustre   Blog »
March 28 Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.12 and Cluster Version Updates Via CloudFormation    
March 27 Amazon EKS Opens Public Preview of Windows Container Support    
March 27 New Local Testing Tools Now Available for Amazon ECS   Blog »
March 27 AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS Support External Deployment Controllers for ECS Services    
March 27 AWS App Mesh Is Now Generally Available   Blog »
March 19 Amazon EKS Introduces Kubernetes API Server Endpoint Access Control    
February 13 Amazon EKS Releases VPC CNI plugin v1.3.2 with Enhancements for P3dn Instances    
February 13 Amazon EKS Available in Mumbai, London, and Paris AWS Regions    
February 07 AWS Fargate Now Has Support For AWS PrivateLink    
February 04 Amazon ECS now provides enhanced support for GPU-enabled EC2 instances   Blog »
January 25 Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR now have support for AWS PrivateLink   Blog »
January 21 Amazon EKS Achieves ISO and PCI Compliance    
January 16 Amazon EKS Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement   SLA
January 16 Amazon ECR Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement   SLA
January 09 Amazon EKS Available in Seoul Region    
January 07   Announcing AWS Fargate Price Reduction By Up To 50%   Blog »


Date Announcement  
December 19 Amazon EKS Available in Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo AWS Regions  
December 18 Amazon ECR now allows Repository Tagging Blog »
December 17 AWS Fargate Platform Version 1.3 Adds Secrets Support  
December 12 Amazon EKS Adds Managed Cluster Updates and Support for Kubernetes Version 1.11 Blog »
December 10 AWS Fargate now available in Canada (Central) and Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Regions  
December 5 Amazon ECR Console Version 2  
November 28 Introducing AWS App Mesh - Service Mesh for Microservices on AWS Blog »
November 28 AWS Fargate, Amazon EKS, and Amazon ECS now integrate with AWS Cloud Map Blog »
November 27 The AWS Developer Tools Improve Continuous Delivery Support for AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS  
November 27 AWS Announces New Container Products in AWS Marketplace  
November 27
Introducing new AWS Container Competency Partner Solutions  
November 20 Amazon EKS Adds ALB Support with AWS ALB Ingress Controller Blog »
November 16 Amazon ECS Now Allows Two Additional Docker Flags - pidMode and ipcMode  
November 15 Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate now allow resources tagging
Blog »
November 15 AWS Launches Secrets Support for Amazon Elastic Container Service  
November 7 AWS Fargate now available in Northern California and Seoul Regions
November 7 Amazon EKS Available in Ohio Region
October 29 AWS Fargate Now Available in London Region  
October 25 Amazon EKS now supports additional VPC CIDR blocks  
October 18 Amazon ECS CLI Supports Service Discovery  
October 18 Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux 2 AMI now available
October 18 Amazon VPC CNI Plugin Version 1.2.1  
October 12 Amazon EKS Enables Support for Kubernetes Dynamic Admission Controllers  
September 27 Amazon ECS Service Discovery Now Available in Canada, São Paulo, Seoul, Mumbai, and Paris Regions  
September 21 Amazon EKS Simplifies Cluster Setup with update-kubeconfig CLI Command  
September 17 Amazon ECS now Allows Three additional Docker Flags
September 10 AWS Fargate Now Supports Private Registry Authentication Blog »
September 5 Amazon EKS Available in Ireland
August 30 Amazon EKS Supports Horizontal Pod Autoscaling with Custom Metrics Blog »
August 30 Introducing Amazon EKS Platform Version 2  
August 30 Amazon ECS Service Discovery Now Available in Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore Regions  
August 28 AWS Fargate Now Supports Time and Event-Based Task Scheduling  
August 23 Amazon EKS Supports GPU-Enabled EC2 Instances Blog »
August 23 New Amazon EKS-optimized AMI and CloudFormation Template for Worker Node Provisioning Blog »
August 9 Amazon ECS Now Supports Docker Volumes and Volume Plugins  
July 26 Amazon VPC CNI Plugin Version 1.1  
July 24 Amazon ECS Adds Console Support for T2 Unlimited EC2 Instances  
July 19 AWS Fargate Available in Singapore, Sydney, and Frankfurt Regions  
July 10 Amazon EKS AMI Build Scripts Available on GitHub  
July 9 Amazon ECR Achieves PCI DSS Compliance in AMER, EMEA, and APAC  
July 5 Amazon ECR Lifecycle Policies Adds Filtering Option for Tagged Images  
July 3 AWS Fargate now available in Tokyo Region  
June 28 Amazon EKS is HIPAA Eligible  
June 26 Amazon ECS Service Discovery Available in US West (N. California) Region  
June 12 Amazon ECS Adds Daemon Scheduling  
June 7 Amazon ECS CLI Supports Docker Compose Version 3  
June 5 Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes Now Generally Available Blog »
May 24 Amazon ECS Agent Adds Signing for Additional Security  
May 24 Amazon ECS Adds Options to Speed Up Container Launch Times  
May 23 Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR Now Available in AWS China (Ningxia) Region, Operated by NWCD  
May 22 Amazon ECS Service Discovery Supports Bridge and Host Container Networking Modes  
May 9 Amazon ECS Adds SSM Parameter for Launching ECS-Optimized EC2 Instances using AWS CloudFormation  
April 26 AWS Fargate now available in Ohio, Oregon, and Ireland regions  
April 10 Amazon ECS provides ECS-Optimized AMI metadata via SSM Parameters  
March 26 AWS Fargate Platform Version 1.1 Adds Support for Task Metadata, Container Health Checks, and Service Discovery  
March 22 Introducing Service Discovery for Amazon ECS  
March 20 Amazon ECS Adds Support for shm-size and tmpfs Parameters  
March 8 Amazon ECS  Supports Container Health Checks and Task Health Management  
March 1 AWS Fargate Supports Container Workloads Regulated By ISO, PCI, SOC, and HIPAA  
February 9 Target Tracking Available for Container Service Auto Scaling in Amazon ECS Console  
February 2 Amazon ECS Adds New Endpoint to Access Task Metrics and Metadata  
January 24 Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR Are Now Available in AWS GovCloud (US) Region  


Date Announcement  
December 28 Amazon ECS Now Supports Docker 17.09  
December 22 Circuit Breaking Logic for the Amazon ECS Service Scheduler  
December 14 Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR now available in São Paulo and Mumbai regions.  
December 12 AWS CodePipeline Adds Support for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate  
December 8 Amazon Compute Service Level Agreement Extended to Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate  
December 5 Amazon ECS Support for Windows Server Containers is Generally Available  
November 29 Amazon ECS CLI Version 1.1.0 adds AWS Fargate Support  
November 29
Introducing Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Preview)  
November 29
Introducing AWS Fargate  
November 14 View and Filter Amazon ECS Services  
November 14 Amazon ECS Introduces Task Networking for Containers  
November 7 Amazon ECS CLI Version 1.0.0  
November 2 Amazon ECS Allows Containers to Directly Access Environmental Metadata  
November 2
Amazon ECS Adds Support for Docker Device and Init Flags in Container Task Definitions  
October 11 Introducing Lifecycle Policies for Amazon ECR  
October 10 Amazon ECR Now Available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region  
October 4 Amazon ECS Now Available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region  
September 22 Amazon ECS Adds Support for Adding or Dropping Linux Capabilities to Containers  
September 7 Amazon ECS Now Integrated with Network Load Balancer to Support High-Throughput and Direct TCP Connections with Containers  
August 10 Amazon ECS is Now HIPAA Eligible  
June 27 Amazon ECS RunTask and StartTask APIs Now Support Additional Override Parameters  
June 7 Amazon ECS Now Supports Time and Event-Based Task Scheduling  
June 6 Amazon ECS Adds Console Support for Spot Fleet Creation  
April 3 Amazon ECS CLI Version 0.5.0 Supports Application Load Balancer, Elastic Container Registry, and R4 EC2 Instance Types  
March 23 Introducing Notifications for New Amazon ECS-Optimized AMI Releases  
January 27 Amazon ECR Supports Docker Image Manifest V2, Schema 2  
January 24 Amazon ECS Supports Docker Version 1.12 and Ability to Add Attributes During Instance Boot  
January 24 Amazon ECS Supports Container Instance Draining  
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