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Running SAS Grid on AWS
Reference Architecture Diagram

Reference architecture for deploying an Amazon FSx for Lustre high-performance file system storage and guidance on Amazon EC2 instances best suited for SAS Grid workloads.

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Discover how Amazon S3 + Amazon FSx for Lustre can help you manage your fast-processing data sets at scale and reduce TCO.


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Accelerating SAS on AWS: High-performance file storage for SAS Grid workloads

Learn how FSx for Lustre works to deliver the world's most popular high-performance file storage for the SAS Grid customer use cases it supports.

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Event videos

Introduction to Amazon FSx for Lustre
Accelerating SAS workloads
Amazon S3 & FSx for Lustre: Deep dive on high-performance file storage
HPC on AWS: Fast, shared storage for compute workloads


Persistent file storage for long-term workloads
Video content prodution solutions


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