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The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping organizations build a competitive advantage by enabling greater operational efficiency and the creation of new revenue streams. To get the most value out of your IoT efforts you need the experience and expertise to build a cohesive IoT solution that harnesses data collected at the edge and drives to your targeted outcomes.

By working with an APN Partner, you can take advantage of solutions to streamline your IoT projects, reduce the risk of your efforts, and accelerate time to value.

Simplifying Large-Scale IoT Device Deployments on AWS

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LoRa Alliance Webinar

Smart Agriculture in Latin America: How LoRaWAN® Enables Connected Farms.

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NVIDIA Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn new ways to use AWS IoT Greengrass to deploy NVIDIA DeepStream (a computer vision processing pipeline) and create ML models to Jetson devices at scale.

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Lenovo Webinar

Lenovo hosted a webinar with AWS and Klika-Tech, titled 'Edge Technologies Driving Smart Manufacturing'.

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eBook: Foghorn

Learn about edge computing solutions and how they can help industrial organizations overcome their big data issues.

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Discover how you can get timely and meaningful insights from IoT devices to quickly identify and respond to performance issues.

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Blog Post: Cognizant

Learn about Cognizant's Connected Places solution on AWS.

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Development Kit: Mikroe

Find out how the Smart Home PIC32MZ Click Kit for AWS can help you help you evaluate Amazon FreeRTOS and its services, learn how to develop IoT application and evaluate HVAC device functionality.

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eBook: Value Chain

Discover the barriers to fully adoption IoT and how they can be addressed with a value chain.

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Get started with AWS IoT

Find an IoT solution by AWS or an APN partner based on architectures validated by AWS.

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Renesas celebrates its 10th year anniversary of their RX MCU (FreeRTOS qualified) product line. Watch a webinar, see customer testimonials, and learn about the latest from Renesas.

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ArrowSilicon Labs

ArrowSilicon Labs, TE Connectivity, and AWS have launched a Smart Home Design Contest. The winner will be announced at Silicon Labs “Works With” Smart Home event planned for September.

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