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The AWS Machine Learning (ML) community is a vibrant group of developers, data scientists, researchers, and business decision makers that dive deep into artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts, contribute with real world experiences, and collaborate on projects together.

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AWS ML Hero: Kesha Williams

Amazon Sagemaker and AWSDeepLens.

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AWS ML Hero: Cyrus Wong

Amazon Textract, AWS DeepRacer, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Lex, and AWS DeepRacer.

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AWS ML Hero: Guy Ernest

Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepLens, and PyTorch on AWS.

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AWS ML Hero: Agustinus Nalwan

Amazon SageMaker

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AWS ML Hero: Gillian McCann

Amazon Lex

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AWS ML Hero: Matthew Fryer

Amazon SageMaker

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AWS ML Hero: Pavlos Mitsoulis

Amazon SageMaker 

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AWS ML Hero: Sung Kim

MXNet on AWS

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AWS ML Hero: Francesco Pochetti

Amazon SageMaker

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