AWS Marketplace is pleased to announce Support for Clusters and AWS Resources. With this new feature, AWS Marketplace users can easily launch production-ready software from AWS Marketplace using AWS CloudFormation templates.

AWS Marketplace reviews all AWS CloudFormation templates to ensure successful software deployment. In addition, when you explore deployment options on individual product listing pages, you will see total estimated monthly costs of specific configurations. If you decide to buy, you can launch everything inside AWS Marketplace, all in one easy transaction.

Learn more by exploring the products and categories below.


A complete security platform for AWS to secure your Amazon EC2 instances and VPCs with Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) for AWS. It’s your complete security platform for Next- Generation Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Enterprise Application Security, Reporting and VPN Gateway optimized for the AWS cloud. Sophos is utilizing clusters and AWS resources to help simplify the way customers deploy the Auto Scaling UTM solution into a dynamic, clustered environment.

UTM 9 Autoscaling
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A leading enterprise storage operating system for AWS is now easier to deploy than ever before. Use AWS CloudFormation templates that are compatible with AWS Marketplace to easily deploy Cloud ONTAP for AWS from NetApp's OnCommand Cloud Manager with less effort. Cloud ONTAP provides NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI data management for your enterprise applications in AWS as "software-only storage service"; offering you control of your data with the power of an enterprise storage solution.

OnCommand Cloud Manager

Unisys Stealth

Unisys Stealth(cloud) delivers advanced capabilities designed to secure your AWS EC2 instances, providing award winning Unisys Stealth technology optimized for the AWS environment. Stealth(cloud) cloaks your EC2 instances from non-authorized users and encrypts communication between EC2 instances in your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Stealth protected EC2 instances are dark to hackers and unauthorized users; pings and probes from non-authorized users are simply ignored. With Stealth(cloud), you can micro-segment your AWS environment, establishing access control on a need to know basis. A Stealth-protected AWS instance can only communicate with other instances within the same Community of Interest (COI). Together, these Stealth capabilities help your enterprise meet compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX.

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Barracuda Logo

Barracuda is an AWS Preferred Security Competency Partner offering continuous monitoring and policy tuning. Barracuda's dynamic profiling and application-aware technologies minimize false positives and protect against emerging threats. Working seamlessly with your AWS environment, the Barracuda Web Application Firewalls security capabilities, customization options and reporting analytics are used by security-conscious businesses such as financial institutions, government agencies, and trading platforms.

Web Application Firewall

Barracuda Logo

Fortinet FortiGate-VM firewall technology delivers complete content and network protection by combining stateful inspection with a comprehensive suite of powerful security features. Application control, antivirus, IPS, Web filtering and VPN along with advanced features such as an extreme threat database, vulnerability management and flow-based inspection work in concert to identify and mitigate the latest complex security threats. The security-hardened FortiOS operating system is purpose-built for inspection and identification of malware and fully supports direct Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) for higher & more consistent performance.  


Barracuda Logo

Saviynt Security Manager for AWS delivers comprehensive security management and intelligence for AWS IAM Console and AWS resources. Saviynt enables you to identify risks by providing visibility into 'Who has access to what' and 'what are they doing with that access' across AWS accounts. Saviynt's analytics engine identifies risks in IAM accounts, AWS resources such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, IAM, S3 , ELB, etc. Saviynt integrates with AWS Config and provides near real-time preventive controls that enforce infrastructure security policies with ability to stop launch of EC2 instances, revert unauthorized access changes, or simply notify upon policy violations. Saviynt automates access life-cycle management by automatically de-provisioning AWS access, risk-based access certification, federation support, multi-step approval workflows, etc.   With Saviynt, you can effectively reduce risk, address compliance mandates and implement robust security in a matter of minutes.

Security Manager

Barracuda Logo

A security platform for AWS to secure your Amazon EC2 instances and VPCs using Check Point virtual-security gateway (vSEC) for AWS. Provides a security platform for Next-Generation Firewall and threat prevention, offering in depth security solution with IPSec VPN, IPS, Anti Bot, Anti Malware as well as Application Control and URL filtering. Managed with Check Points management and reporting platform optimized for the AWS cloud. Check Point is utilizing clusters and AWS resources to simplify and automate the way customers deploy High Availability solution within AWS VPC.

Check Point vSEC
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MapR Technologies, provider of one of the only converged data platforms that integrates the power of Hadoop and Spark with global event streaming, real-time database capabilities, and enterprise storage, is now offered with multi instance deployment capabilities on AWS marketplace.

Enterprise Database Edition Plus
Enterprise Database Edition Plus Spark
Enterprise Edition Plus
Enterprise Edition Plus Spark

HPE Vertica

With the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform for AWS you get enterprise-class Big Data analytics for all your data. It consists of a massively parallel database and an extensible analytics framework optimized for blazing fast analysis of data scaling from gigabytes to petabytes. Built to drastically improve query performance over traditional cloud based data warehouse systems, HPE Vertica is engineered out-of-the-box with native advanced analytics capabilities that are optimized for handling complex SQL queries with ease. Packed with powerful columnar database features, HPE Vertica manages massive amounts of data quickly and reliably in the cloud, giving you real-time business intelligence. HPE Vertica also seamlessly connects with BI, ETL, and other AWS ecosystem tools. HPE Vertica offer native advanced analytics functionality including: High availability with no single point of failure, massively parallel processing for extreme scalability, columnar data and query optimized storage for blazing-fast responses, Flex Tables to explore semi-structured data quickly, simultaneous loading and querying of data, fast query performance even at high concurrency, and more.

HPE Vertica Analytics Platform


Aerospike is the high performance NoSQL database that delivers speed and scale. Offering unmatched key value performance with very high availability, Aerospike can be installed as a persistent in-memory service with a RAM cluster, or greater data sizes using local SSD instances which are also persisted to EBS. If you choose to move to bare metal or other cloud providers, Aerospike database can help you easily transition. Aerospike 3 database includes an extensible data model that supports complex data types, queries using secondary indexes, user defined functions (UDFs) and distributed aggregations. Client drivers are available for most languages, including Java, C, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, and others. Process more data faster to create the richest, most relevant real-time interactions. Independent of Aerospike, AWS instances usage cost will increase as you add more nodes to your cluster.

Aerospike 3 Database


TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS is a commercial open source reporting and analytics server built for AWS that can run standalone or be embedded in your application, starting <$1 /hr. This business intelligence suite allows you to easily create beautiful, interactive reports, dashboards, and data visualizations. AWS CloudFormation templates that are compatible with AWS Marketplace enable AWS datasource auto discovery for Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift, as well as easy deployment of standalone, high-availability, and fault-tolerance topologies on AWS.

Jaspersoft with Multi-Tenancy
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Data Resolution

Data Resolution has created hourly, monthly and annual pricing for pay-as-you-go and bring your own license (BYOL) options to run Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise 2013 in the AWS cloud. Run SharePoint on AWS to rapidly deploy and scale your collaboration platform for long or short-term projects, team members in multiple locations, or to go global quickly. Learn more »

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Sirqul provides common application features found in the most popular IoT applications, packages them into core ingredients, and ensures these services work seamlessly with each other. This approach enables developers to combine these ingredients into custom IoT recipes faster and more cost effectively to generate more customer engagement and revenue. Learn more by taking a look at Sirqul’s documentation, tutorials, guides, use cases and recommendations. The Sirqul IoT platform is an enterprise solution that is optimized with auto-scaling and redundancy for each tier of the stack. Learn more »


Sirqul IoT Platform


Zend Server on EC2 is the enterprise way to run PHP in AWS. It's an application server with a supported PHP runtime that can scale apps seamlessly across cloud resources, from the company most associated with PHP. Zend Server gives PHP developers and DevOps engineers amazing dev tools like Z-Ray, app deployment automation, performance monitoring, request analysis, and configuration management so apps run faster, scale better, and stay up longer. It is particularly useful for running mobile app back ends that require scalability based on demand. Want to create a scalable Zend Server cluster? Use our CloudFormation template generator.

Zend Server Enterprise (RHEL)
Zend Server Enterprise (Ubuntu)


WordPress is a content management platform that allows users to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety of content on a website. AMIMOTO Stack includes ready-to-run versions of WordPress.

This CloudFormation stack provides high performance WordPress. By saving data from DataBase to Amazon RDS and saving media to S3, you can recover WordPress from server failure. CloudFront is installed in front of the site to help reduce server load and let it correspond with lower latency to same time overseas access.

Using AMIMOTO AMI in the stack provides finely tuned WordPress for Amazon EC2, allowing easy and robust WordPress infrastructure development capable of large scale site operations.

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WordPress [Apache HTTPD PHP7]

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