I'm new to AWS, and I want some general information about cloud computing and Amazon Web Services.

Getting Started

You can find an introduction to cloud computing at What is Cloud Computing?

For a general overview of the AWS on-demand model and AWS services, see Getting Started with AWS.

AWS Documentation, Training, and Labs

Each AWS service has its own documentation, which often includes example projects and tutorials to help you understand the fundamentals of the service. AWS documentation also includes explanations of common use cases for the service. For a list of the available AWS documentation by service, see AWS Documentation.

AWS offers training labs and videos to help introduce new customers to cloud computing concepts; see AWS Training & Certification.

AWS Support

The Basic support plan is available free-of-charge to all AWS customers. After you create an AWS account, you can contact AWS Support through the Support Center at https://aws.amazon.com/support: choose Create case and then choose Account and Billing Support.

If you're migrating to AWS from an on-premises solution, consider a Developer, Business, or Enterprise support plan, which gives you one-on-one access to technical support engineers who can help you troubleshoot issues with your AWS resources.

If you're a representative of a larger organization or company and are planning to migrate significant on-premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud, request a contact from the Sales and Business Development team by using the AWS Sales & Business Development form.

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Published: 2016-03-25

Updated: 2017-04-26