I’m trying to create a budget that incorporates the usage of some of the accounts in my organization, but they don't appear in the list. What are some reasons this might be happening?

Here are some reasons that some member accounts might not appear in the Budgets pane of the Billing and Cost Management console:

Only the master account in an organization can add member accounts to a budget

Make sure you’re signed in to the master account, or contact the administrator of the master account in your organization and ask them to create the budget for the member account on your behalf.

Only accounts with usage and charges appear in the list

If the account is new, or doesn’t have any charges on it yet, the account doesn't appear in the list. Try to add the account again after the account has running resources that are incurring charges.

If you’re signed in to the master account, and the account you’re attempting to add has usage and charges associated with it, but you're still unable to see the account in the Budgets pane, contact AWS Support for help.

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Published: 2016-07-18

Updated: 2017-04-06