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rebuild a WorkSpace

My WorkSpace is failing, returning system errors, or failed while Windows was updating. How do I rebuild my WorkSpace?

Before rebuilding your WorkSpace, note the following:

  • When you rebuild a WorkSpace, it is restored to the most recent image of the bundle that the WorkSpace was launched from. Any modifications made after the WorkSpace was launched from the image (custom system settings, installed applications) are lost.
  • Because automatic snapshots of the D: drive are taken every 12 hours, you might be able to preserve the contents of the D: drive by rebooting the WorkSpace, waiting 12 hours, and then rebuilding the WorkSpace.
    Note: The file structure of an application installed to the D: drive will be restored, but if it was installed after the Workspace was launched, the application will require reinstallation.

When you’re ready, follow the instructions at Rebuild a WorkSpace.

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Published: 2016-08-22