How do I use the AWS Console Mobile App to view and manage my resources, and what are some best practices to observe when using the AWS Console Mobile App?

The app supports several authentication methods:

  • Root credentials
  • IAM user credentials
  • AWS access keys

For an explanation of the difference between the root credentials for an account and IAM users, see Root Account Credentials vs. IAM User Credentials. For information about access keys, see Best Practices for Managing AWS Access Keys.

Note: To sign in as an IAM user, you must provide your account alias. The account alias is displayed in the navigation bar at the top of the AWS Management Console.

For security reasons, we recommend that you secure your device with a passcode, and that you create and use a new, dedicated IAM user to sign in using the app. If you lose your device, that IAM user can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized access.

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Published: 2016-05-26