I accidentally provisioned resources that were not covered under the Free Tier, and I was billed. How do I make sure I'm not billed again?

The AWS Free Tier covers many AWS services, but not all AWS services have a Free Tier offering. Additionally, there are limits to each service's Free Tier offering, and any resources that aren't covered by the Free Tier are charged at normal, on-demand rates for that service.

Note: Some services have free trial periods that aren't included under the Free Tier promotion. For a list of free trial periods that each AWS service offers, see AWS Free Tier Details.

Make sure your account is covered under the Free Tier

The Free Tier covers each new AWS account for a year after its services are activated. After that, all resources on your account are billed at their normal, on-demand rates.

Note: Although all Free Tier benefits expire after a year, some levels and types of usage for specific services might be free indefinitely.

If it's been a year since your account was originally created, it's possible that your account is no longer eligible for the Free Tier.

If your Free Tier period has expired, there are two ways to stop further billing:

  • Terminate or delete the resources on your account. For information on how to terminate or delete resources that aren't covered by the Free Tier, find that service's documentation on the list at AWS Documentation.
  • Close your AWS account. If you're no longer interested in using AWS, close your account by following the instructions at How do I close my Amazon Web Services account? Any charges for the month-to-date will be billed to your default payment method at the beginning of the following month.

Review your bill

If your account is still covered under the Free Tier, review your bill in the Billing and Cost Management console. A non-zero charge for a service means some resources provisioned to your account are not covered under the Free Tier.

Most services will have a zero-dollar line item that describes usage that is covered under the Free Tier, and a separate line item for any usage that's not covered.

Note: If the billing for an AWS service is divided by regions (as is, for example, Amazon EC2, and Amazon RDS), Free Tier benefits cover the aggregated billable total of your usage all AWS regions together, not each region individually.

Know what's covered under the Free Tier

When you know the services that you're being billed for, compare your current usage for that service with the list of Free Tier benefits at AWS Free Tier.

Monitor your usage of Free Tier resources

The Top Free Tier Services by Usage table in the Billing and Cost Management console can help you gauge how much of the Free Tier offerings you're using. You can also configure billing alarms to notify you when your usage exceeds the Free Tier limits.

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Published: 2016-03-25