Verizon Accelerates 5G Network Capability Launch Using AWS


Verizon Communications, Inc. is the first company in the world to launch a commercial 5G mobile network with a commercially available 5G-enabled smartphone. In this video, Lynn Cox, Verizon senior vice president and network CIO, explains how leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support its 5G network rollout helped the company maximize its decision-making velocity and take advantage of large-scale compute capabilities of the cloud. "If we had done it the old way, which was with in-house servers, the cost to do it would have been astronomical, but also the time," says Cox. "That's where we turned to our partnership with AWS to maximize the speed with which we could make decisions and run these scenarios to come up with the best plan for our 5G network."

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How Verizon Leveraged the AWS Cloud to Accelerate Launching 5G Network Capabilities (1:28)

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