Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Gain actionable insights from streaming data with serverless, fully managed Apache Flink

Run your Apache Flink applications continuously and scale automatically with no setup cost and without managing servers.

Process data with sub-second latencies from data sources like Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon MSK, and respond to events in real time.

Analyze streaming data interactively using managed Apache Zeppelin notebooks with Kinesis Data Analytics Studio.

Build applications in SQL, Java, Python, or Scala. Perform joins, filters, aggregations over time windows, and more.

How it works

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is the easiest way to transform and analyze streaming data in real time using Apache Flink.

Use cases

Deliver streaming data in seconds

Develop applications that transform and deliver data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon OpenSearch Service, and more.

Create real-time analytics

Interactively query and analyze data in real time and continuously produce insights for time-sensitive use cases.

Perform stateful processing

Use long-running, stateful computations to trigger real-time actions like anomaly detection based on historical data trends.

How to get started

Learn how Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics works

Find out more about running serverless Apache Flink applications and Kinesis Data Analytics Studio.

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Review the step-by-step guide

Explore how to build applications in your IDE, or in a Studio notebook.

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Start building your streaming application with no minimum fees or upfront commitments.

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