This guide provides a conceptual overview of Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and includes detailed instructions for using various features of the service. HTML | PDF | Kindle

This is a detailed reference guide that describes all the API operations of Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, along with sample requests, responses, and etc. HTML | PDF

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This is a pre-built Java application that offers an easy way to collect and send data to your Amazon Kinesis data stream. You can install the agent on Linux-based server environments such as web servers, log servers, and database servers. The agent monitors certain files and continuously sends data to your data stream. Get Amazon Kinesis Agent

This is a pre-built library that helps you easily build Amazon Kinesis Applications for reading and processing data from an Amazon Kinesis stream. This library handles complex issues such as adapting to changes in stream volume, load-balancing streaming data, coordinating distributed services, and processing data with fault-tolerance, enabling you to focus on business logic while building applications. Get Kinesis Client Library for Java | Python | Ruby | Node.js | .NET

This is an easy to use and highly configurable library that helps you put data into an Amazon Kinesis stream. This library presents a simple, asynchronous, and reliable interface that enables you to quickly achieve high producer throughput with minimal client resources. Get Kinesis Producer Library

This is a pre-built library that helps you easily integrate Amazon Kinesis Data Streams with other AWS services and third-party tools. Amazon Kinesis Client Library (KCL) is required for using this library. The current version of this library provides connectors to Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, and Elasticsearch. The library also includes sample connectors of each type, plus Apache Ant build files for running the samples. Get Kinesis Connector Library

This is a pre-built library that helps you easily integrate Amazon Kinesis Data Streams with Apache Storm. The current version of this library fetches data from Amazon Kinesis stream and emits it as tuples. You will add the spout to your Storm topology to leverage Amazon Kinesis Data Streams as a reliable, scalable, stream capture, storage, and replay service. Get Kinesis Storm Spout

Learn how to build a real-time sliding-window dashboard with Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Apache Storm

Enables Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) to directly read and query data from Amazon Kinesis data streams. Learn more | Frequently Asked Questions for EMR Connector to Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis Recorder enables you to reliably record data to an Amazon Kinesis data stream from your mobile application. Learn more for iOS | Learn more for Android

An implementation of the Apache Log4J Appender Interface that pushes Log4J output directly to Amazon Kinesis data streams without requiring any custom code. Learn more

Amazon Web Services provides links to these packages as a convenience for our customers but the software has not been reviewed or screened by AWS. Please review the software to ensure it meets your needs before using it.

A plugin that allows Fluentd to add data to Amazon Kinesis data streams. Learn more

Amazon Kinesis Source and Sink for Apache Flume service. Learn more

An Amazon Kinesis Data Streams receiver that creates an input DStream using the Amazon Kinesis Client Library. Learn more

Enables developers to write record processors in Go language using Amazon Kinesis Client Library multi-language daemon. Learn more

Enables the automatic creation and visualization of aggregated time series data from Amazon Kinesis data streams. Learn more

Enables scaling the number of shards of an Amazon Kinesis data stream. Developers can scale up or down by specifying a certain number of shards or a percentage of the total number of shards. Learn more

Enables receiving events published by other Vert.x verticles and sending those events to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Learn more