Logentries is a Log Management and Real-Time Analytics service built for the cloud. It connects to virtually any device or platform to make insights from machine-generated log data easily accessible to development, IT and business operations teams of all sizes. Logentries offers rich support for AWS and integrations with CloudTrail and CloudWatch, allowing you to connect to all your systems via an open API. Logentries provides a real-time, cloud engineered alternative to traditional log management systems.To sign up for the free Logentries service, visit http://logentries.com

Logentries integrates with AWS Cloudtrail and combines CloudTrail data with other data sources such as AWS Cloudwatch, your system and application log data. Logentries provides an easy to use clickable interface that allows you to easily understand your Cloudtrail data and AWS account activity. Logentries provides out of the box alerts and tags for important Cloudtrail events so that you can immediately get notified upon important events and activity in your AWS account. Logentries helps you correlate Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch and your application log information to better diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Logentires dashboards provide a high level summary view of the CloudTrail data so that trends can be monitored over time.