Get hands-on with IoT

AWS IoT EduKit makes it easy for developers—from students to experienced professionals—to receive hands-on experience building end-to-end IoT applications by combining a reference hardware kit with a set of easy to follow educational tutorials and example code.
Introduction to AWS IoT EduKit
Simplified hardware selection
AWS IoT EduKit’s reference hardware kit (made and sold by our manufacturing partner, M5Stack) is packed with on-board features to enable a multitude of IoT applications out of the box. Developers can broaden their capabilities to cover additional use cases with hundreds of plug-and-play expansion options.
A wide range of software frameworks

AWS IoT EduKit’s reference hardware supports a wide range of application frameworks (e.g. FreeRTOS, Arduino, MicroPython), which allows developers to code in the language of their choice and progress in building cloud connected embedded applications on a single hardware platform.

Easy access to sample code

AWS IoT EduKit provides up-to-date content and example code to common IoT solutions. Through AWS IoT EduKit tutorials, developers can access a variety of free content to gain expertise in building and managing IoT applications using AWS services.

How it works

To get started, purchase your reference hardware kit.

Follow the Getting Started guide to set up your software environment, get the code from the GitHub repository, and learn how to use the reference hardware kit.

Follow the list of tutorials to learn how to build a basic connected home application and add more capabilities, including machine learning and Alexa Voice Service.

AWS IoT EduKit tutorials

Develop your IoT skills by following the AWS IoT EduKit tutorials below, which cover common IoT use cases. As you advance your IoT skills, build your own custom cloud connected edge applications using the reference hardware’s on-board features and plug-and-play expansion options.

Cloud Connected Blinky
Create a cloud connected "blinky" (hello world for microcontrollers) application. The steps and skills learned in this tutorial will provide the foundation to be successful in other tutorials.
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Smart Thermostat
Build a smart thermostat that controls a fictional HVAC system.
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Smart Spaces
Create a presence-aware smart space solution using your thermostat data, analytics, and machine learning.
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Intro to Alexa for IoT
Implement Alexa Voice Service Integration for AWS IoT Core and create a smart light.
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Community resources

AWS IoT EduKit projects cover a range of use cases—from smart home to industrial environments. Check out what the community is building, get inspired, and start building!

What is AWS IoT EduKit? What can we learn from it?
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How to access and display files from Amazon S3 on IoT devices with AWS IoT EduKit
In this blog post, learn how to access files from Amazon S3 and display them on IoT devices. Follow the tutorial to download and display PNG images on a M5Stack Core 2 for AWS IoT EduKit.
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AWS User Group Japan - IoT Branch
This user group video covers features of the AWS IoT EduKit reference device, M5Stack Core2 for AWS IoT.