Q: Who is ML Embark for?

ML Embark is ideal for organizations that understand the importance of AI as a strategic enabler for their business and excited to to build ML competency within their organization, but need help getting started. As a white-glove accelerator, it is perfect for organizations early in their AI journey, or just getting started.

Q: What does AWS ML Embark include?

AWS ML Embark includes a combination of discovery sessions (the Discovery Workshop), self-paced digital courses, a live, tailored exploration of use cases and strategic topics to developing an AI powered organization (Business Enablement Strategy Session), a live, instructor led training on ML fundamentals (Technical Training), and an engagement with AWS ML expert practitioners to launch a proof of concept (POC).

Q: What is the Discovery Workshop?

The discovery workshop is a ½ day, interactive workshop that brings customer’s technical, operational, and business leaders together, along with AWS ML Strategists, to jointly identify and refine their organization’s high value business problems that can be solved with ML. This workshop is designed to help participants identify and qualify opportunities for ML that will drive real business outcomes, and to select a use-case for the proof of concept.

Q: What topics does the Technical Training cover?

The technical training is designed for technical staff like data analysts, data engineers, and software engineers with limited experience in machine learning (ML). The training is modeled after Amazon’s own Machine Learning University, designed to get technical staff implementing machine learning quickly and get business teams a deeper understanding of machine learning and its use cases. Participants will gain a strong understanding of ML fundamentals and be able to apply the ML cycle, ML development tools, and common ML methodologies to their business problems. Participants will use AWS AI/ML services (mainly SageMaker) for hands-on exercises, and will gain sufficient knowledge to become technical ML advocates within their organization.

Q: What topics does the Business Enablement Strategy Session cover?

The business enablement strategy session is designed for executives, senior business leaders, and line of business owners who are likely to lead machine learning (ML) projects, but new (or have limited exposure) to ML and AI. It empowers business leaders and decision makers with the foundational knowledge needed to lead ML projects, and begin shaping a ML strategy for their organization. Participants will gain an understanding of ML fundamentals, develop a greater appreciation for the wide range of potential use cases, and learn how to think broadly about ML as a driver to business growth. We will introduce best practices and recommendations for ML competency, and, a roadmap for integrating ML into their business processes and driving ML adoption within their organization.

Q: How much does AWS ML Embark cost?

The cost varies based on the scope of the engagement. Talk to your account manager for more.

Q: Why should my company use AWS ML Embark?

Machine learning presents many new opportunities for a business. But, getting started with machine learning is a difficult and time-consuming journey. AWS ML Embark program pulls together the educational and onboarding programs most proven to help AWS customers fast-track their machine learning initiatives to get real business results fast.

Q: Does my company need to do all the elements of the program?

Because AWS ML Embark program was designed to include the programs most proven to accelerate your machine learning journey, it should be done in its entirety. We do have some customization options which can be discussed with your account manager.

Q: How long does AWS ML Embark program take?

We’ve designed the program for a three-month engagement. However, the timeline can be shorter or slightly longer depending on specific needs of the customer.

Q: What is the Amazon ML Solutions Lab?

The ML Embark program is offered by the Amazon Machine Learning (ML) Solutions Lab, a global team of machine learning strategists and scientists with deep experience in applying ML to solve business problems. The Amazon ML Solutions Lab pairs your team with Amazon machine learning experts to prepare data, and build and train models. It combines hands-on educational workshops with brainstorming sessions and advisory professional services to help you ‘work backwards’ from business challenges, and then go step-by-step through the process of developing machine learning-based solutions. For more information visit: https://aws.amazon.com/ml-solutions-lab/

Q: Who from my team should participate?

The discovery workshop will require a cross-functional team of business and technical stakeholders along with an executive sponsor. The technical trainings are designed specifically for technical teams, while the business enablement sessions are designed for business leaders, and decision makers. Various elements of the program can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of the team

Q: In what regions is the program available?

AWS ML Embark program is available in the US and EMEA currently. ML Embark is also offered through our strategic Partners. Ask your account manager for details.

Q: Is AWS ML Embark program available to every company?

AWS ML Embark program is best for companies who already know they want to deploy machine learning and want to take steps to accelerate adoption and implementation within the company. You can work with your account manager to evaluate whether AWS ML Embark program is a good fit for your company.