Bryan walks you through taking
a screeshot of an unreachable instance


I’m unable to connect to my Amazon EC2 Windows instance by using SSH or RDP. How can I capture a screenshot of the EC2 instance to check its status?

An Amazon EC2 Windows instance can have a status of unreachable even though the instance is running and otherwise appears to be healthy. A Windows EC2 instance may be unreachable for various reasons including networking configuration, permissions, or high CPU utilization.

If you’re unable to connect to your Windows EC2 instance through SSH or RDP, but the instance appears to be running and healthy, you can use the Get Instance Screenshot feature to help identify potential reasons why the connection attempt is failing or timing out.

Note: The Get Instance Screenshot feature returns an image of the Windows desktop as if you were directly connected to an instance of Windows with a display monitor.

For examples of screenshots and ways to resolve the issues indicated by the screenshots, see Common Screenshots.

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Published: 2016-06-22