Accomplishes an Efficient Cloud Modernization Journey Using Migration Evaluator

2021 understands the imperative of adapting to rapidly changing real estate market dynamics. The online real estate marketplace requires an environment that can adapt to business-impacting events, such as policy changes or economic crises. To enhance its agility and scalability, embarked on a cloud journey to migrate and modernize its infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Using insights from Migration Evaluator, we reduced our technology costs by 34 percent by running on AWS instead of our data center.”

Ravi Singh
Chief Product and Technology Officer,

Modernizing Infrastructure on AWS sells distressed residential properties. Its business ran on an on-premises infrastructure with thousands of servers across seven data centers, but as the company rapidly grew, it needed the right cloud infrastructure to improve scalability. After a deep analysis of the capabilities needed, the leadership chose to migrate to AWS. “We chose AWS for our migration because of scale, speed, security, and innovation,” says Ravi Singh, chief product and technology officer of

To facilitate the migration, used Migration Evaluator, a complimentary planning and discovery tool that helps users gain access to insights and accelerate decision-making for migration to AWS. used this service to develop a detailed migration assessment, helping it explore different scenarios and select the right AWS services to support the project.

“We were excited to sponsor the investment and support the leadership in modernizing its infrastructure,” says Mark Benaquista, managing director of THL, the private equity fund that acquired “This investment resulted in margin optimization, productivity gains, and improvements in the technology stack and prepares for the next chapter in its journey.”

Facilitating Efficiency, Scalability, and Remote Work began migrating to AWS in July 2019, starting with its production environment. Using the reports and migration plans from Migration Evaluator, the company streamlined its total infrastructure to 20 servers to support its core production website and can autoscale to 30–40 servers during high-traffic periods such as auctions. “Using insights from Migration Evaluator, we reduced our technology costs by 34 percent by running on AWS instead of our data center,” says Singh. As a result,’s developers can focus their efforts on developing new capabilities and improving application response times.

After moving its production environment, began to migrate the remaining 30 percent of its on-premises infrastructure, including internal tooling and supplemental services. It used an AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA), another complimentary AWS service, to develop a migration strategy—completing the project with maximum efficiency and limited downtime.

In 2020,’s employees needed to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company quickly adopted Amazon WorkSpaces, a fully managed desktop virtualization service that facilitates users’ access to internal data, applications, and resources. “Because we had migrated to AWS, we didn’t need expensive infrastructure for virtual work,” says Singh. “We were well equipped to go remote at a moment’s notice.”

Continuing to Develop Innovative Solutions on AWS

Now all in on AWS, will continue developing innovative cloud-native solutions to help its customers bid on distressed properties, no matter where they are. In its informed and thoughtful migration to AWS, the company unlocked greater scalability and transformed many of its technology components. “AWS places the customer at the center of the migration experience,” says Singh.

About is a real estate marketplace that focuses exclusively on the sale of distressed residential real estate. Founded in 2007, strives to deliver fast, efficient, and transparent transactions for real estate investors.

Benefits of AWS

  • Reduced technology costs by 34%
  • Facilitated a seamless transition to remote work
  • Scales efficiently to support peak traffic
  • Empowers developers to focus on innovative solutions instead of managing servers
  • Completed migration with limited downtime

AWS Services Used

Migration Evaluator

With Migration Evaluator (Formerly TSO Logic), you can gain access to insights and accelerate decision-making for migration to AWS at no cost.

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When you are evaluating options for migrating to the cloud or reducing licensing costs, you can take advantage of an AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) to save on third party licensing costs and run your resources more efficiently.

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Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed desktop virtualization service for Windows and Linux that provides access to resources from any supported device.

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