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As new technologies and emerging competitors disrupt established industries, leaders across the UK are transforming their organisations with cloud computing to deliver business value and impact to their customers. Accelerate your own transformation with these best practices, lessons, and transformative ideas from leaders like you, using AWS to create new forms of business value.

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Executive perspectives on leadership, organizational change, and technology modernization.

Conversations with leaders: Unlocking Business Value with the Cloud

Philip Potloff, Head of Enterprise Strategy, sits down with three cloud leaders to explore how they are using technology and the cloud to deliver business growth and outcomes faster.

Part of the AWS Executive Insights Conversations with Leaders series, where we we explore topics such as cultivating next level leaders, dealing with failure, keeping up with the ever increasing pace of technology, and staying inspired.

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As more and more enterprises in the UK and Ireland address the need to transform their business models, the move to cloud technology is picking up volume and pace across the country. Darren Mowry, Managing Director of AWS United Kingdom and Ireland, introduces this eBook by Philip Potloff, Head of Enterprise Strategy at AWS. Together they make a case that to be a high-frequency enterprise means to be a cloud-integrated one.



Security has become everyone’s job, and its management has become a strategic concern of the enterprise. Mark Schwartz discusses how the way forward is for the enterprise to build a culture of security. Ian Massingham forwards this ebook, providing context for UK enterprises and how they can see security as an enabler rather than a hindrance.



Cloud skills may be the most important investment you make. With the right foundations in place, acquiring cloud skills can become a much simpler proposition that builds on what your people already know.



Large organisations are under an increasing amount of pressure to increase pace and extract the value of data. Joe Chung, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, outlines common data dysfunctions and how to address them.



Agile, Lean, and DevOps can help CFOs increase returns, oversee investments, implement controls, gain transparency, deliver insights, and manage costs.



Consistency of action and commonality of judgement is a common leadership challenge. Take time to define the principles for your cloud adoption.

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Learn more about the current state of public cloud with the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud InThe market for cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) continues to consolidate as customers and vendors push for more security, innovation, and scale. For the ninth year in a row, AWS is evaluated as the Leader in cloud IaaS with the highest score in both axes of measurement, Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. In this report, learn why Gartner positioned AWS as a Leader in this space and dive deeper into the benefits that public cloud IaaS can bring to your organisation.frastructure as a Service, Worldwide.


Amazon and AWS have pioneered IT transformation to enable customers, partners, and the broader company to grow and leverage scalability as an asset. In this report, Gartner explores the corporate viability of Amazon and AWS, focusing on the organisation's strong product portfolio, obsession with customer centricity, and long-term investment strategy to nurture and expand its global presence.


A report by the London School of Economics and Political Science, commissioned by AWS, explores the benefits and impact of cloud as a 21st Century digital enabler. This research indicates that cloud continues to reduce technology and organisational costs while boosting development productivity by a factor of five in many cases and enhancing ROI. Read the executive summary or full report.

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