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AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners have demonstrated expertise delivering machine learning (ML) solutions on the AWS Cloud. These partners offer a range of services and technologies to help you create intelligent solutions for your business, from enabling data science workflows to enhancing applications with machine intelligence.

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AWS Machine Learning Competency Categories

Data Services

Data processing such as ingestion, consolidation, removal of duplicate records, imputation of missing values, scaling/normalization of values, elimination of correlated features, feature engineering, and others.

Platform Solutions

No and low-code platforms for machine learning, usually with a predominantly visual interface, that enable end-to-end model development.

SaaS and API Solutions

High-code solutions, RESTful API, GraphQL, and algorithms that provide access to trained models and components used to train models.


AWS ML Competency Partners have demonstrated expertise in helping organizations solve the most challenging problems in AI, including data engineering, data science, machine and deep learning, and production deployment for inference at scale.

Applied AI

Development, deployment, and maintenance of ML applications that positively impact customer business outcomes and add value on top of AWS services, in particular AWS AI Services, to solve specific customer needs.

Machine Learning Operations
Continuous integration and continuous deployment solutions for ML models over the entire data lifecycle including data lake creation, automated data preprocessing across data services, deployment in the cloud, and machine-learning-specific rules and processes for model redeployment.

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