Product & Production Design in the Cloud

Focus on your product and production design, not on the infrastructure needed to make it happen.

Accelerate time-to-results, and time-to-market, while innovating faster. Leaders in innovative product design choose AWS. Transform your design efforts with the most comprehensive set of cloud solutions available today, while leveraging the highest level of security.

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Innovate Faster

High Performance Computing (HPC) allows product developers and engineers to solve complex problems using model-based design and large-scale, parallel simulations.  AWS helps you:

Accelerate time-to-results and time-to-market by running larger numbers of parallel tasks than would be practical in most on-premises environments.

Reduce Cost

Why aquire, install and maintain hardware to run workloads locally, when you can reduce costs by providing CPU, GPU, and FPGA servers on-demand in the cloud, optimized for specific applications, and without the need for large capital investments or regular refresh cycles.

Improve Collaboration

Give your engineers access to centralized data and compute power in the cloud.   This allows your team to work at maximum speed on the same files, on any device, anywhere.  Collaborate more efficiently and securely with centralized cloud access and global data management, versus emailing critical data files, or using file sharing sites.



Scale-Out Computing on AWS

The Scale-Out Computing on AWS solution helps customers easily deploy and operate a multiuser environment for computationally intensive workflows such as Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE).



"AWS allows us to focus on simulation and generative design rather than on managing storage and databases, while bringing down the cost of computing and giving us the horsepower we need"

- Brian Mathews, VP Platform Engineering

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National Instruments

"With Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, we easily save 85–90% in costs. That, in turn, allows us to experiment with less risk and ultimately develop higher-quality products for our customers."

- Joe Gardner, Principal Cloud Architect

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"AWS takes care of undifferentiated heavy lifting, and that helps us focus on developing innovative features and delivering great value to our customers."

- Ambs Kesavan, Software/DevOps Director

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