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White Papers

Enabling Manufacturing Innovation Through the Use of Cloud

In this whitepaper, research firm IDC dives deep into manufacturing use cases in the cloud, evaluates challenges and opportunities that may arise, and provides best practices to consider for manufacturing industry professionals and business leaders seeking cloud implementation.

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Manufacturing Transformation: Journey to the Cloud

This whitepaper was done in partnership between Frost & Sullivan and AWS.  Cloud is at the heart of digital transformation in manufacturing. Many manufacturers suspect they need to move to the cloud, but are unclear of the value and the path. Through interviews with AWS cloud experts and top manufacturing companies who are mature in their manufacturing transformation efforts, learn practical ways to embrace the cloud today, and how industry OT leaders recommended best-practices in moving to the cloud to drive business operations excellence.

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Mastering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

This whitepaper was done in partnership between Roland Berger and AWS.  It offers a structured view of IIoT and the layers of companies operating within it. The paper provides guidance on how to define the role of IIoT for your company, outlines the options and considerations, and identifies opportunities to create additional value.

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Optimizing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Workflows on AWS

This whitepaper presents an overview of the EDA workflow, and the specific AWS architectural components to optimize EDA workflows.

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Top Use Cases for Industrial IoT Applications ebook

This ebook reviews the top challenges with building Industrial IoT applications, as well as how AWS IoT addresses these challenges with the top IoT use cases for industrial companies.

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Solution Videos

SKF Optimizes Production Processes Using AWS
SKF is optimizing its production processes, reducing costs, and providing a better customer experience with AWS
Optimizing production and asset optimization at Georgia-Pacific with AWS
Learn how Georgia-Pacific leverages a data lake and AWS ML and AI to improve machine up-time, and ensure the best-quality products at the fastest possible production rates.
MANN+HUMMEL Goes All-In on AWS for Smart IoT Filter Solutions
See how MANN+HUMMEL deployed its IoT solutions on AWS and utilizes services such as AWS Lambda and AWS IoT Platform to enjoy rapid go-to-market and effortless scalability for its smart IoT filter solutions.

2018 re:Invent Session Videos

Can't get to re:Invent to connect with peers and cloud experts, collaborate at our bootcamps, and learn how AWS can improve your manufacturing business operations?  Check out some of these 2018 session videos.

AWS for Manufacturing (MFG202)
Speakers Airbus, SKF, and Georgia Pacific discuss the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and the role of the cloud in product design, smart manufacturing, and smart product areas.
AWS in Semiconductor (MFG201-L)
AWS speakers discuss how semiconductor design companies, electronic design automation (EDA) vendors, and foundries can be more competitive by innovating and reducing time to market with AWS Cloud.
Automating Fender's Manufacturing Operations with AWS (IOT220-R)
Learn how combining IoT and AI technologies along with computer vision, enables Fender to increase manufacturing process productivity by sensing and controlling environmental conditions.
Amazon on Amazon - How Amazon Designs Chips on AWS (MFG305)
Learn how Amazon sustains innovation and growth using AWS services to design the next generation of cloud infrastructure.

2017 re:Invent Session Videos

Can't get to re:Invent to connect with peers and cloud experts, collaborate at our bootcamps, and learn how AWS can improve your manufacturing business operations?  Check out some of these 2017 session videos.

Big Data & Analytics for Manufacturing Operations (AMF301)
Learn how to build a data lake on AWS, build dashboards that connect to prediction models and expore the latest analytics capabilities to support your goals for optimizing the manufacturing process.
AI and the Future of Manufacturing (GPSTEC326)
AWS, Kuka, WZL of RWTH Aachen University and KUKA, debut an Edge Powered Industrial Control solution at Hannover Fair 2017.
Deep Learning for Industrial IoT (MCL316)
Discover how deep learning can be applied to real-world IoT use cases with a demo of computer vision and anomaly detection and see how to develop computer vision at the edge using NVIDIA Jetson.
Optimizing Design and Engineering Performance in the Cloud (AMF304)
Learn how Manufacturing companies in all sectors can achieve the maximum possible performance and throughput from design and engineering workloads running on AWS.

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