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Discourse powered by Bitnami

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  • Version 1.5.3-1-r28 on Ubuntu 14.04.3
  • Sold by Bitnami

Bitnami Discourse is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running Discourse on Amazon EC2. Discourse is an open source discussion platform with built-in moderation and...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 14.04.3 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

OrientDB Community Edition 2.2.15

OrientDB is an Open Source NoSQL DBMS with the features of both Document and Graph DBMSs. Written in Java, it is incredibly fast: it can store up to 150,000 records per second...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2016.03.3 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

MarkLogic Essential Enterprise 8 (HVM)

Starting from $0.99/hr or from $4,500.00/yr (48% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

MarkLogic for AWS Marketplace is the only Enterprise NoSQL database. It is a new generation database built with a flexible data model to store, manage, and search JSON, XML,...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2016.04 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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AltaVault (formerly SteelStore) AVA-c8 for AWS

Starting from $1.12 to $1.12/hr for software + AWS usage fees

The NetApp® AltaVault® cloud-based appliances for AWS can be used for two primary purposes: to recover on-premises workloads in the cloud or to efficiently protect cloud-based...

Linux/Unix, Other 4.2.2 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Aspera Server On-Demand BYOE

Aspera software simplifies and accelerates the movement of data to and from the cloud. Aspera Server On Demand is software running on AWS that enables high-speed upload and...

Linux/Unix, CentOS 6.4 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Free Trial

CloudDat Hourly

Starting from $1.50/hr or from $8,760.00/yr (33% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

CloudDat uses the Emmy Award winning ExpeDat accelerated file transfer software to move files from anywhere in the world to your S3 bucket at up to 900 megabits per second...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2017.03.13 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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SoftNAS Cloud NAS (HVM/SRV-IO) (Consumption)

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  • Version SoftNAS Cloud
  • Sold by SoftNAS

SoftNAS Cloud for AWS is the leading cloud NAS on the AWS Marketplace. It extends native AWS storage (EBS, S3) to create an enterprise-class, full-featured cloud NAS filer...

Linux/Unix, CentOS 6.5 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Free Trial

Movable Type 6 (HVM, Apache)

Starting from $0.07/hr or from $499.00/yr (19% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Movable Type is a social publishing platform equipped with powerful functions that help users publish information online. Movable Type includes a highly flexible system for...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2016.09 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

ONTAP Cloud for AWS (BYOL)

ONTAP Cloud, the leading enterprise storage operating system, is deployed using OnCommand Cloud Manager to deliver secure,...

Linux/Unix, Other ONTAP Cloud 9.1 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)