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Evaluate the similarity of two words, sentences, paragraphs, or documents. Get a score of how similar or different two text are. For an example of a real use case, this API was used in creating the first semantic keyword research tool that can sort by relevance. Keyword research involves skimming...

  • Version 20.03.1
  • Sold by NVIDIA

NVDIA's GPU-optimized distribution of PyTorch. PyTorch is a GPU accelerated tensor computational framework with a Python front end. Functionality can be easily extended with common Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy and Cython. This image bundles NVIDIA's container for PyTorch into the NGC...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Text Summarizer solution is an optimal way to tackle the problem of information overload by reducing the size of long documents into a few sentences . Neural-network-based models have the ability to automatically learn the distributed representation for sentences and documents. This summarizer is...

Model Package - Fulfilled on Amazon SageMaker

Starting from $1.00 to $1.90/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Scan text for locations, extract addresses, street intersections, postal codes, zip codes and place names. Geocode the extracted locations into Latitude,Longitude,Elevation and export the results as GeoJson, Json, XML or CSV. Reverse geocode coordinates to addresses, place names, postal codes, zip...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Any - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Given an incomplete sentence, this model predicts sentences that are most likely to occur in the context. For example, given input "I love it", it will generate samples like "I love it and enjoy one of their series, Schafer or Clive ."

Model Package - Fulfilled on Amazon SageMaker

FREE TRIAL for 30 Days. According to the IOFM survey, 84 percent of a typical procure to pay professional's time is wasted doing repetitive tasks. Inefficiencies and errors in accounts payable are responsible for some of the most formidable challenges your business faces today. Automation...

When given text, this API classifies and recommends highly related categories for e-commerce and other uses. Text classification can be used to automatically categorize many articles and texts into our default categories. Enterprise customers can create their own predefined categories. Contact...

This API returns sentiment analysis results with score for the given text. Find out the tone of a user comment or post. This is helpful when you have a lot of unstructured data like Twitter comments or user feedback where you need to sort or identify the most favorable and most unfavorable comments.

This API detects and returns the emotions of a paragraph of text. What emotions are in this text...? Detect the emotions of a paragraph of text and understand its tones. This mood detector returns a score for each of six emotions: disgust, sadness, anger, joy, surprise, and fear.

This API returns word associations with semantic distance score for a given word or text. Find synonyms and related words for any given word or phrase.