Private Marketplace

Create customized private catalogs of approved products from AWS Marketplace

Private Marketplace enables administrators to build customized digital catalogs of approved products from AWS Marketplace. Administrators can create unique sets of vetted software available in AWS Marketplace for different AWS accounts within their organization to purchase.

In addition to building and managing catalogs of approved products from AWS Marketplace that comply with an organization's internal policies, administrators can also customize their Private Marketplace with a company logo, color scheme, and messaging. By customizing the Private Marketplace interface, users know they are in an approved environment.

Users can easily find and deploy products that have been vetted for their use with Private Marketplace. Approved products are labeled as "Approved for Procurement" to quickly identify their company's vetted products.

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Private Marketplace Diagram


Gain control

Once enabled, users are only able to subscribe to products approved within their Private Marketplace catalog. This ensures that only products that are vetted and adhere to the organization’s policies can be purchased, reducing risk of unapproved product purchases.

Create custom experiences

Administrators can create multiple lists of approved products for the various needs, such as teams or environments, throughout their organization. The look and feel of the Private Marketplace interface can be branded with their organization’s name, description, logo, and color scheme.

Streamline approvals

Private Marketplace’s software request functionality enables users to request products to be added to their Private Marketplace and provides administrators a consolidated view of requests. Administrators can continue to utilize their existing approval and ticketing systems and processes using APIs for Private Marketplace.


Users within Private Marketplace are defined by the policies AWS Identity and Access Management.  


Private Marketplace administrators curate catalogs of approved third-party products within AWS Marketplace. They can also vet software requests from users and modify settings and branding within Private Marketplace.


Private Marketplace users are subscribers of the approved third-party products in AWS Marketplace. Users may also have the ability to request an administrator to add additional products to their Private Marketplace catalog.

Use cases

Enterprise customers

For organizations that have software procurement policies and processes in place, Private Marketplace provides controls to ensure users are operating within those policies while using AWS Marketplace. Multiple Private Marketplace catalogs can be curated for the organization’s different sets of users and their software needs, helping users easily find, buy, and deploy products approved for their use.  

Channel partners

Private Marketplace enables channel partners to curate a catalog of approved products for managed customers accounts. Private Marketplace can be customized to adhere to the customer's procurement policies, including managing of the administrative permissions and updating the look and feel to align with branding. Learn more about channel programs and features.




"Employing AWS Marketplace APIs for Private Marketplace has allowed us to streamline challenging procurement workflows for our customers. These API calls open AWS Private Marketplace up for integration with external procurement systems, which in turn has allowed us to offer streamlined AWS Private Marketplace management and governance through our own portal, Oworx HUB."

Debbie Johnson, Head of Public Cloud, SCC



"AWS’s Private Marketplace feature is transforming Presidio’s AWS software engagements with enterprise customers. By managing and tailoring a software specific catalog within a project scope, we have optimized our customer’s control, governance, procurement, and delivery workflows. By leveraging AWS API’s, we are enabling integration with our customers approval processes. For example, Presidio is helping customers connect into their ITSM solutions, such as ServiceNow."

Chris Cagnazzi, SVP Cloud Solutions, Presidio

Key features

Create multiple catalogs for different use cases

Administrators can use Private Marketplace to create multiple Private Marketplace catalogs, each targeted to a different use case, including catalogs per department, environment, customer, or organization. Each catalog can have a unique set of approved products and branding. This granularity provide administrators with the agile controls to scale procurement governance across distinct business and user needs.

Vet software requests for your users

Administrators can use software request functionality to allow users to request additional products to be added to their approved catalog. Users can submit requests, including details for the request, directly from the product detail page within the AWS Marketplace catalog. Administrators can see an aggregated view of their pending requests to take action on the request.

Flexible building options with APIs

APIs allow administrators to easily make bulk modifications in Private Marketplace and utilize additional workflows on top of Private Marketplace. For example, Private Marketplace administrators can use APIs to integrate with their existing ticketing and approval tools. These controls help administrators efficiently manage AWS Marketplace usage while enabling their users to innovate at speed.

Have questions? Have tips?

We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.

Have questions? Have tips?

We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.