Procurement System Integration

Integrate AWS Marketplace into your procurement system to help centralize governance for software provisioning


Procurement System Integration is a feature that allow enterprises to integrate AWS Marketplace with procurement systems through an industry standard open communication protocol, Commerce XML (cXML). With this feature, builders can find, buy, and deploy from thousands of solutions quickly, and IT Admins can streamline approvals and manage spend directly from their procurement system.

How it Works

Builders can use their procurement system to find third-party software from thousands of software listings in AWS Marketplace through Open Buy. Open Buy is a purchasing experience launched by Coupa, a leader in business spend management, which enables discovery of software listings from an in-tool search within their platform. This means search results from software listings in AWS Marketplace are shown directly in Coupa. When a builder wants to see more details about a software, they’re automatically redirected to AWS Marketplace through a “PunchOut” integration. A “PunchOut” integration is a common method that enables AWS Marketplace to make a direct connection with cXML procurement systems. Once a builder finds the software they need and clicks subscribe, AWS Marketplace redirects them back to their procurement system to complete a requisition request. The combination of these methods provide a seamless experience for builders to find and buy software directly from procurement systems. See Figure 1 for a flow chart.

Figure 1: Flow chart for Open Buy and “PunchOut” integration

Figure 1: Flow chart for Open Buy and "PunchOut" integration

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Once a requisition request is approved by a builder’s procurement team, AWS Marketplace automatically creates the software subscription and notifies the builder that their subscription is ready to deploy. All software in AWS Marketplace can be deployed directly into an AWS environment. See Figure 2 for a flow chart.

Figure 2: Flow chart for approval and purchase processes


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More about Procurement System Integration

Procurement teams can manage purchase approvals, spend, and purchase orders directly from their procurement system. Procurement teams can also work with IT Admins to create and integrate a custom digital catalog of pre-approved products from AWS Marketplace with Private Marketplace.

Procurement System Integration also simplifies software provisioning by enabling all benefits of AWS Marketplace. This includes customizing contract terms and payments, using a standardized contract template, or subscribing through a consulting partner. AWS Marketplace also provides flexible payment options such as pay-as-you-go, hourly, monthly, and annually.

For more information, see the Procurement System Integration User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What procurement systems can I integrate with?

You can integrate with Coupa Software Inc., a leader in Business Spend Management. Support for additional procurement systems will follow.                         

Builders can also develop their own integrations for any procurement system that support cXML. If you’re looking to build your own integration with a procurement system that supports cXML, reach out to for more information.

What software can I purchase with Procurement System Integration?

You can purchase Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and pay-as-you-go Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Support for additional product and contract types will quickly follow.

What is a “PunchOut” integration and how does it work with Coupa?

A “PunchOut” integration is a common method that enables AWS Marketplace to make a direct connection with cXML procurement systems. This method enables you to discover the AWS Marketplace catalog in the “Shop Online” section of your Coupa homepage and get redirected to AWS Marketplace to learn more and buy the software you need. When you are ready to subscribe, AWS Marketplace redirects you back to Coupa to complete your requisition request.

Does AWS Marketplace support Coupa Open Buy?

Yes. AWS Marketplace supports an “OpenBuy” integration that enables you to discover software listings in AWS Marketplace from an in-tool search within Coupa.

How is this feature related to Amazon Business?

AWS Marketplace uses the same Open Buy and “PunchOut” integration as Amazon Business to integrate with Coupa. However, the catalog for Amazon Business and AWS Marketplace are separate and require a different integration. Once both integrations are in place, you can use Coupa to purchase the software and supplies you need for your business, and centralize governance for your approval workflows and purchase order tracking. To learn more about the Amazon Business procurement system integration, visit here.

How does Procurement System Integration work with Private Marketplace?

Private Marketplace is an optional and complementary feature to Procurement System Integration. With Private Marketplace, you can create a custom catalog of pre-approved software from AWS Marketplace. Once Private Marketplace is activated, your procurement system will automatically redirect to your Private Marketplace instead of AWS Marketplace. To learn more about Private Marketplace, visit this feature page.

I’m an IT Admin, how do I get started?

If you have an account that has the AWSMarketplaceProcurementSystemAdminFullAccess IAM policy or an equivalent permission, visit the Procurement System Integration User Guide for detailed instructions on how to get started.