AWS Marketplace Products

What kinds of products are listed in AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace includes popular open source and commercial software. This software is available in one of two ways: as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and as Software as a Service (SaaS).
AMI is the acronym for Amazon Machine Image. An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is an image of a server -- including an Operating System and often additional software -- which runs on AWS.

How are AMI products different than SaaS products?

Both AMI and SaaS (Software as a Service) product listings are from trusted vendors. AMI products run within a  customers’ AWS account. You retain more control over software configuration and over the servers that run the  software, but you also have additional responsibilities regarding server configuration and maintenance.

Why do AWS Marketplace products have more than one AMI?

An AWS Marketplace product contains one AMI for each  region the product it is available in. These AMIs are identical except for their location. Additionally, when  vendors update their product with the latest patches and updates, they may add another set of AMIs to the product.

How are these products different than the products I can find in the AWS Community AMI catalog?

The AWS Marketplace catalog contains a curated selection of open source and commercial software from well-known vendors. Many products on AWS Marketplace can be purchased by the hour.

The AMI catalog is a community resource where people and development teams can list and exchange software or projects under development, without having to go through extensive vetting. Listings in the community AMI catalog may or may not be from well-known vendors and generally have not undergone additional investigations.

Does AWS Marketplace also sell software for me to install on my on-premises servers or PCs?

No. The software listed in AWS Marketplace is only available to run on Amazon EC2. It is not available for download.