Pricing, Listing and Updating SaaS Software

Pricing SaaS Products

As a SaaS provider, you are the account holder for AWS usage and you are responsible for billing your customers. When you list a SaaS product in AWS Marketplace, we ask that you describe your pricing model in an open-text field. It’s best to include a description about the way that pricing is determined--by usage, users, or other criteria. Include a price range or a price starting point, for example: “Pricing starts at $99/month.”  The pricing data should contain less than 20 characters.

Listing SaaS Products

To list a SaaS or Referral product in AWS Marketplace, you will need to provide:

  • Browse categories and up to five search keywords
  • Product description, highlights, pricing plan, and support information
  • The URL to which you’d like us to direct users from your AWS Marketplace Details page

Updating SaaS Products

Once your product is listed on AWS Marketplace, you are responsible for keeping the pricing and product information up-to-date on AWS Marketplace. To make changes to product information or price, submit the updated information to

SaaS application and hosted offerings hosted on AWS

AWS Marketplace does not currently charge for SaaS listings.  However, this may change in the future.  If a change is implemented, all impacted AWS Marketplace sellers will be notified well in advance of the change so they can plan accordingly.  Any fees for SaaS listings will be consistent and competitive with the existing market rate for similar means of lead generation (e.g. paid search results).