Pricing, Listing and Updating SaaS Software

Pricing SaaS Products

As a SaaS provider, you deploy software on AWS infrastructure and grant access to customers who subscribe. AWS Marketplace will bill customers based on the pricing model. SaaS usage charges will appear on a unified bill from AWS. AWS Marketplace offers 2 different pricing models for SaaS listings:

  • SaaS Subscriptions
  • SaaS Contracts

For SaaS Subscriptions, AWS Marketplace will bill your customers based on the metering records received from you by us. All charges must be measured and reported every hour from the software deployed in the customer's account.

With SaaS Contracts, customers pay upfront for a time-bound entitlement to use the SaaS provider's software. Under SaaS Contracts, the customer is entitled to a specified quantity and duration of use of the SaaS product.

Listing SaaS Products

To list a SaaS product in AWS Marketplace, log into the AWS Marketplace Management Portal and navigate to the Listings tab. To create a new SaaS listing, in the Create a New Product menu, choose either SaaS Subscriptions or SaaS Contracts. Optional information you can provide includes:

  • Browse categories and up to five search keywords
  • Product description, highlights, pricing plan, and support information
  • The URL on your details page you want users redirected to

Updating SaaS Products

Once your product is listed on AWS Marketplace, you are responsible for keeping the pricing and product information up-to-date. You make changes to your listing from the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. To make changes, from the Listings tab, under Current Listings submit the updated information.

If you have any questions contact the AWS Marketplace Seller Operations team.