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Providing Support

To enable your subscribers to provide contact details for product support, please consider enrolling in the AWS Marketplace Product Support Connection program. Visit the AWS Marketplace Management Portal to learn more about how to enroll your products in Product Support Connection.

For AMI products that include support, AWS Marketplace will provide daily reports containing the AWS Account Numbers for each subscribed user per product.  In addition, sellers can use an API call to confirm eligibility when users contact you for support.  For the daily reports, there is a time window within which you will not be able to confirm a user’s support eligibility, so if you are using these reports to determine support eligibility, we ask that you offer support to new users in good faith until you can confirm their eligibility.  If you chose to use the API call, the subscriber information is real time and always current.  The AWS Marketplace team will provide you with Product IDs needed to confirm which products are in use.  The associated Product Codes can be obtained from the subscription report or through an API call.

Subscription Report

AWS Marketplace will send a daily report to the primary email address associated with your AWS Account enabled for selling in the AWS Marketplace.   This report will contain the following:

  1. Product ID – This is the unique ID assigned to each product.
  2. AWS Account Number – This is a unique identifier for each AWS user.
  3. Date of Last Usage - This is the date the user last ran the product.

The listed AWS Account IDs will include all subscribers in good standing with active subscriptions.  The date of last usage can be used to ensure that the subscriber meets your posted eligibility requirements.  Upon contact, your support team can use the data in these emails to confirm support eligibility.

API Call

If you would prefer to use an API Call to determine if a customer is currently running an instance of your product, you should:

  1. Request the customer’s Instance ID, and their AWS Account ID. (Customers can obtain their Instance ID from the AWS console and their AWS Account ID from their AWS Accounts Activity page.)
  2. Look up the product code associated with the product in the Seller Support email, which lists subscribed customers, and products with the Product ID, Product Code, and Product Title.
  3. Use the EC2 API from the command line: ec2-confirm-product-instance [product code] -I [instance id]

  4. Note:Sellers must own the Product Code that they are querying against, and the query can be made with IAM accounts under the AWS principal account.

  5. The API will return the AWS Account ID of the customer who owns the instance. You can confirm that the instance is owned by the customer who is making the request.

  6. The following example confirms that i-10a64379 instance is running the 4w1vgsrkqdkypbz43g7qkk4uz product code:

    PROMPT>   ec2-confirm-product-instance 4w1vgsrkqdkypbz43g7qkk4uz -i i-10a64379

    4w1vgsrkqdkypbz43g7qkk4uz i-10a64379 true 495219933132

    This functionality is also supported as an EC2 API.

    Detailed documentation: