Your AWS Marketplace Seller Account will be a feature we enable using the information provided during registration. Before you begin registering, you must identify the AWS Account you plan to enable for the AWS Marketplace.  You can use an existing account or register a new AWS Account. This account should have a valid credit card number in most cases.

Select or Register an AWS Account

Select an existing AWS Account or register a new AWS Account.  In both cases, ensure that a valid credit card is associated with the account.  You will need the last four digits to complete the registration process.  Once you have identified or established the account, locate the AWS Account Number:

  1. Login to your AWS Account.
  2. From the top of the page, click the My Account/Console drop down and select My Account.
  3. On the upper right hand side of the page, you will find the account number. The format is ####-####-####.
  4. To locate the last four digits of the credit card, select Payment Method.

If you do not have an AWS Account or you do not want the AWS Marketplace Seller Account associated with your existing AWS Account, you will need to register a new AWS Account. To register a new account:

  1. Go to the Amazon Web Services Sign In page.
  2. The registration process will require you to enter the following:
    1. Business Name
    2. Business Address
    3. Valid telephone number (used for phone PIN verification)
    4. Credit Card
    5. Credit Card Address
  3. Once registration is complete, use the instructions above to locate the AWS Account Number.

If you want to list your product in the AWS GovCloud (US) region you must have or sign up for a GovCloud account. For details on how refer to the AWS GovCloud (US) registration page.  Ensure that a valid credit card is associated with the account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my company is not located in the United States or European Union?

You must be a permanent U.S. or European Union (EU) resident or citizen or a business entity organized or incorporated in the United States or a member state of the EU to create a paid listing. See the Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace Sellers (Seller Terms) for details.

Q. Which AWS account should I use to register to sell on AWS Marketplace?

Choose an AWS account to use as your primary AWS Marketplace account. You can use an existing account or register for a new one as long as the account is linked to a valid payment method. This account will be the seller of record for your products on AWS Marketplace and will be used for reporting, disbursement, and communications to you from AWS Marketplace.

Note: After an account has been associated with a product, the account CANNOT be changed. However, seller display information on AWS Marketplace (for example, name, website, and product description) can be updated at any time.

Tip: You can use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to configure this account to allow multiple users and permissions when accessing the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. For more information, see Controlling User Access to AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

Q. Can I change the email address associated with my AWS account?


  1. From, next to Account Settings, choose Edit.
  2. Change the email address.
  3. Choose Save Changes.

Q. This is not the AWS account I want to use to register my company. What is my login information for “xxxxxxxxxxxx” account?

For your protection, AWS security policies prohibit us from sharing email login information with other individuals, including individuals in the same organization. We recommend you:

  1. Contact your IT system administrator to identify which email addresses have been created for AWS Marketplace and to discuss options that may assist you with regaining access to the email.
  2. If the first option doesn't work, contact AWS Customer Service by creating support case here:

Q. Can multiple users have access to my seller account? How do I use IAM roles?

The AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP) is enabled under the primary account only. To enable multiple users on a single account, we recommend that you create IAM users. For more information, see the AWS Identity and Access Management documentation.

IAM user roles can be edited by the primary account to allow access to tools and features such as Self-Service Listing and reports.

Q. How do I update my bank account information?

You can update your bank account information using the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, under the Settings tab.

Q. How do I update my website or company description on my vendor page?

Sign in to AMMP with your registered AWS account and update your public profile under the Settings tab.

Q. What is my registration status?

Establishing a seller account enables you to submit a free pricing model product. If you would like to submit a paid pricing model product, you must submit tax and banking information through the tax and banking wizard. Tax and banking information can take up to 3 business days to be verified.

Q. What's my Hyperwallet link?

The Hyperwallet link is sent in an email with the subject line "Action Required: AWS Marketplace Registration Next Steps" to the email address associated to the registered AWS account.