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Choosing Categories and Keywords

Choosing Software Categories

When you list your product, you can choose up to three software categories and corresponding subcategories for your product. This helps customers discover your product as they browse or search the listings on AWS Marketplace.  Please choose only categories that are relevant to your product.  In most cases, only one category will apply.  The form that we send to you during product registration will contain a complete list of categories.

Note: Categories are not the same as keywords. The categories and subcategories available are predefined for AWS Marketplace and you decide which categories and subcategories apply to your product by selecting these from a list during the listing process. Keywords are not predefined, but are created during the listing process.

Creating Search Keywords

During the product listing process, you can enter up to three keywords (single words or phrases) to help customers discover your product through site searches.  The field for the keywords can contain a maximum of 50 characters.

Note: Keywords are not the same as software categories. Keywords are more specific terms that are related to your product.

The following tips can help you to create a relevant set of search keywords.

  • Use terms that are relevant so that customers can easily find your products
  • Choose keywords from your customer’s vocabulary—that is, choose words and phrases that customers are likely to use when thinking about your type of product
  • Create keywords based on specific features in your product
  • The product title is already indexed in our Search; the terms you submit should not contain the title of your product